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Nighttime Driving Safety Tips

3 January, 2020

Image Nighttime Driving Safety Tips

Driving at night is not an easy job. The lack of lighting at night makes driving quite challenging. To help you drive more safely at night, we have some tips you can follow below!

Turning on the front light

This may be common for drivers. Turning on the lights when driving is a must. The front light that is on can add to your visibility when driving, so you can be more aware of your surroundings.

Accidents that occur at night are usually caused by careless drivers who don’t pay enough attention to the dark surroundings. Turning on the lights can thus prevent this from happening. If needed, you can also turn on the hazard lights to increase visibility when driving. However, do not use them continuously at night since the glare can cause disturbance to drivers coming from the opposite direction.

Keep safety distance from vehicles at the front

Avoid driving aggressively at night, such as being too close tot he front vehicle. Keeping enough distance is important so that you can react quickly when something happens to the driver in front. This way, you can also see holes and other obstacles on the road more clearly. Thus, accidents can be prevented.

Moreover, maintaining distance is also important to avoid making the driver in front of you feeling like they are being followed. It might even be that you’re making them nervous if you are too close, thus they can make the wrong moves and the least you want to do is for accidents to happen.

Pay close attention to your surroundings

Keep your focus on what’s happening around. You might want to check the rearview mirror on the sides and the middle every now and then. Make sure the mirrors are clean so your vision is not disturbed. This way, you can pay close attention to the situation, for example, the presence of cyclists, pedestrians, passing animals, and other things. Sometimes, the animals are passing by but they can be hardly seen since it is dark at night, making drivers nervous and try to avoid them. However, avoiding them suddenly can potentially cause accidents, so it’s better to stay alert since the beginning.

Check your car

Before traveling at night, you should first check the condition of the car components. Make sure everything is functioning properly, especially the front light, in order to provide maximum visibility at dark places.

Make sure you are physically fit

It can happen that driving at night lead to a decrease in your body’s stamina. This condition can, of course, be dangerous for the driver even if you feel you are accustomed to driving on the roads you are familiar with. Driving in the dark can also increase your fatigue and make you sleepy.

It’s no secret that sleeping is often the cause of accidents. To prevent this, it would help if you could rest for a while before starting your trip, hence minimizing the occurrence of accidents. Also, don’t take the risk of driving when you are exhausted.

Avoid speeding up

When driving at night, usually the road conditions are more quite. This makes some people choose to drive at night to get to the destination faster. Quiet roads often make the drivers step on the gas and drive at speeds above the average. It is advised, however, to drive the vehicle at an even slower speed when driving at night, so this can give an opportunity to react quickly when something happens.

Driving at night is indeed a challenge. However, if the car is equipped with advanced features, it will be easier for the driver to travel more safely and comfortably. Wuling Almaz, a vehicle branded as Drive Unlimited Way, offers a myriad of advanced features, such as Full Surrounded 360 Camera and Halo Wuling Voice Command, which will ensure safety during your night drive.

The Full Surrounded 360 Camera features can help drivers to see around, especially when parking the car. No need to get out of the car since you can monitor the surrounding through the camera. In addition, the Halo Wuling Voice Command can keep your focus forward as it will help you control many things, from changing the radio frequency or volume to adjusting the window.