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WIND Features: Latest Technology from Wuling for Indonesia

30 August, 2019

Image WIND Features: Latest Technology from Wuling for Indonesia

During a 2-year trip in Indonesia, Wuling Motors continued to innovate in presenting the latest innovations as a form of dedication in advancing the automotive industry in Indonesia. Starting from the turbo technology on Cortez CT which gives a different driving sensation to MPV cars, the e-clutch technology on the Confero S ACT which provides convenience for the driver, to the latest features that are present on the latest Almaz, namely Wuling Indonesian Command (WIND) that allows you to activate and disable some features via voice commands.

The voice command feature available on Wuling Almaz WIND technology is the first voice command feature that uses Indonesian. Wuling presents this feature as a form of dedication in providing the best for automotive lovers in Indonesia. This is in line with what was conveyed by Wuling Motor Indonesia’s Brand Manager. “This is special and specifically designed for Indonesian consumers. So it uses Indonesian, Yes you could say this is the first advanced voice command feature in Indonesian.”

The WIND feature is embedded in the Almaz head unit which has a 10.4-inch touch screen spec. This interactive voice command allows users to turn on, turn off, or operate various vehicle features, such as air conditioners, windows, and panoramic sunroof. This feature can also access various entertainment such as music or radio, and can make phone calls, run applications such as Wuling Link or TPMS, increase or decrease the volume, and ask for the latest date and time.

Operation of the WIND feature on Almaz is also very easy, the driver has three ways to activate this feature. First the user can simply say ‘Hello Wuling’ then follow the command what they want to do. Second, press the button on the head unit and push the button on the steering wheel.

Not only that, to provide satisfaction for customers who already have a 5-seater Almaz, Wuling offers an attractive offer to add this feature in their vehicles. For them, Wuling Motors will provide additional WIND features to them for free as a form of gratitude for their support to Wuling Motors so far.

Now, the decision is entirely yours. For those of you who are interested in trying the WIND feature on Wuling Almaz, you can do a test drive and enjoy all the best driving features and sensations by coming to the nearest Wuling dealer in your city, or managing a test drive schedule via the My WULING + application that you can download on your smartphone.

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