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Give Yourself a Credit

21 May, 2018

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It is that time of year when you will get one-month worth extra pay slip as THR (holiday allowance). You definitely need to give yourself a credit for all the hard-work during the past year by investing into something you need to keep your life in balance. Gladly, we got your back!

During May, please let us give you something as a holiday gift to help you ease the effort in owning a Wuling. Some of your friends and neighbours already have cars. It is not about the competition, but you’ve had the thought about why can’t you own one after you’ve been working so hard all these years? It’s just that you need a personal vehicle to carry all your stuffs to work or just because you need your own ride to get you going during the weekend.

There are definitely so many choices of cars as far as the eyes can see, but you always want to look different & unique, and you need your choice of car to represent that, but at the same time also has the quality. Then you meet Wuling that does all that and you’re happy because you know it’s affordable. Guess what? It’s even more and more affordable with our promotion this May.

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Go check your nearest dealer here and visit us to try and experience the car yourself to know the quality and difference. If you’ve been having the dilemma whether to own a Confero or Cortez then don’t. Pick the one that suits your style and then ask for the price to know which one you can really afford. For all types of Confero, we offer you with a limited-time-only down payment for IDR15-ish million, as for Cortez you only need to pay around IDR30 million to make that cool burgundy red yours.

What’s more exciting about this promotion is that you can have more, because we are providing you with a free maintenance fee for 3 years or until you reach 60,000 km (whichever comes first). Now don’t you worry about gasoline, because we got you covered with a voucher worth IDR1 million. We’re happy we can ease your mind about driving around town.

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So, have you decided which dealer to visit? Come now, because this offer is only valid for orders (SPK) from 1—31 May, 2018 and for transaction to be executed by June 30th, 2018. So, remember to give the credit to yourself. This time we mean it literally, because we have partnered with some finance institutions to help you with your leasing program. Ask our dealer representative to get the best offer and affordable credit rates. Make sure you get all the details correctly as there are terms and conditions applied across all dealers in Indonesia. Drive for a better life!

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