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The Most Economical MPV Car

4 September, 2017

Image The Most Economical MPV Car

MPV is a car type with reasonably large seating capacity as it is designed with quite spacious passenger compartment. MPV car is certainly intended for people who love to have family vacations. MPV car is one of car types that are high-selling in Indonesia. This is because Indonesian people love to have vacations and mudik trip together. In fact, the number of MPV car lovers increase every year.


Excellences of Wuling MPV Car


MPV has become the most economical car in its class. MPV cars can often be seen on the road, especially in Indonesia. MPV car is proven to offer excellence in carrying many passengers up to more than 7 persons. In term of power, MPV car may not be as powerful as sedan, but then again, MPV is the leader when we talk about capacity. MPC car is well known as economical car and very efficient. Therefore, fuel consumption won’t be wasteful.


Now at least you have gathered a brief comprehension about MPV car. If you have interest in owning it but still in hesitation, you can try driving an MPV car by renting it first. In doing so, you’ll get more considerations before deciding to buy it.


Wuling Confero S comes with caption seats placed in the second row of passenger compartment, making you feel comfortable during a long-distance trip. It is also equipped with meter cluster, which is designed with information technology from trip meter to digital speedometer. Fuel tank flap functions using electric system, so it will respond with only a single touch.


Wuling Confero S also provides light control system centering in headlight. USB sockets are available in each seating row. Entertainment features include audio and 8-inch touch screen monitor. Driver can adjust audio volume from steering wheel. Safety features are equipped with dual SRS airbags and auto door lock. Confero S also provides Isofix feature for child car seat.


Moreover, MPV from Wuling has adopted immobilizer system for car key. You can open all car windows simultaneously using a remote control too.


Wuling Confero S has anti-lock braking system and is equipped as well with electronic brake force distribution technology, tire pressure monitoring system, dual SRS airbags in the front row, and auto unlock collision technology.


Other Excellences of MPV Car

Among the benefits of MPV car is that the car is multi-functional and is in high-demand in Indonesia. Not only because the price is affordable, but also because it offers so many benefits. All kinds of MPV cars have been proven to be practical and multi-functional.


These are some more detailed reviews about superiority of MPV car:


  • MPV cars are usually available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Small sized MPV car has its excellence in its very practical compartment. Whereas in a medium MPV, you will feel that the car is ampler as it has two additional passenger seats. As for large sized MPV, it has a maximum capacity for passengers and luggage.


  • Secondly, if you really need a car that has seating capacity of five to six passengers, you are advised to choose MPV car, which has been proven to carry quite many passengers.


  • You can also keep your belongings on MPV car roof as it is able to carry luggage to a maximum of 100 kg. Luggage compartment of MPV car is designed with higher ceiling and flatter surface so that you can place other various kinds of stuffs.


  • You might have a little difficulty when parking a large MPV. Therefore, large MPV is equipped with monitoring cameras to make it easier for you during the process.


  • Some MPV cars have special interior features, such as 12 volt socket, DVD player, phone charger, some trays, recliner technology, climate control, and else. If you happen to have little children, don’t worry because MPV car from Wuling is also equipped with some seats designed especially for little children or toddlers.
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