Advantages of the Frameless Wiper Type on BinguoEV

20 December, 2023
6 minutes read

Image Advantages of the Frameless Wiper Type on BinguoEV

Frameless wipers are currently widely used in the latest cars. This tool for sweeping water on car windows does not have an iron frame like conventional wipers because it is made entirely of rubber. Apart from that, this frameless wiper is more flexible when compared to conventional wipers.

Some of the latest cars that use frameless wipers are the Wuling BinguoEV. This newest electric car from Wuling has a classic retro appearance plus a frameless wiper feature, further enhancing its appearance to be more contemporary and stylish.

This type has only been used in the latest cars, but there are still many people who don't understand this type. To make it clearer what a frameless wiper is, let's look at the review below.

What Are Frameless Car Wipers?

Frameless wipers are wipers that use flexible and soft materials. This frameless rubber wiper is very popular because of its attractive shape. As can be seen from its appearance, this type of wiper does not have an iron frame like conventional wipers found on older cars.

The outer part is made of rubber. The rubber used is very important because, apart from helping to wipe water well, it also prevents scratches on the glass when the wiper rubber is thin.

Apart from that, frameless wipers have rubber that can follow the contour or curve of the car window, so they feel more flexible when used and easier to move. Additionally, frameless wipers are lighter than conventional wipers, which means they can sweep up water faster.

Kelebihan Wiper Frameless

Advantages of Frameless Wipers

Using frameless wipers has several advantages that you can get when using them on your favorite car, namely:

  • Rubber Material

Because frameless wipers do not have a frame, the rubber is stronger for cleaning car windows. Apart from that, the material is more flexible and smoother.

  • Wiper Rubber Sweep

Many car users use frameless wipers due to the fact that the rubber is better at sweeping up water. Even though conventional wipers have greater strength because they use iron elements, which makes them sturdier, this makes the wiper rubber less flexible, and the sweep cannot follow the curve of the car window.

When compared to wipers with a metal frame, frameless wipers are safer for cars because they are lighter, the rubber is more flexible, and they can follow the curve of the glass.

  • Wiper Model

More modern cars use frameless wipers because they are more attractive than conventional wipers that have "bones." In addition, wipers that have a metal frame are susceptible to rust, which can cause stains on the glass.

  • Wiper Durability

Even though rubber is made from a more durable material and is easier to clean, frameless wipers will only press on the center over time.

So, if the wiper pressure is weak, you have to replace it with a new one. If the bending power is reduced, the frameless wiper will vibrate. In contrast to conventional wipers, which have good wiping power because they still have an iron handle, the sweep is not optimal.

Meanwhile, as previously mentioned, conventional wiper frames are made of iron, so they are susceptible to rust if exposed to water for a long time. As a result, conventional wipers must be dried thoroughly after washing the car.

  • Price Comparison

Frameless wipers have a price difference from conventional wipers. The price range for conventional wipers is around IDR 30-100 thousand, while the price for frameless wipers is IDR 150-300 thousand. But of course, because the quality is stronger and more durable.

Cara Memasang Wiper Frameless

Installing frameless wipers on a car can be done easily. You don't need to take your car to a repair shop, but you can do it yourself in a car garage. Prepare some equipment so it is easy to install it.

Here's how to install frameless wipers:

  • Lift the Car Wiper

Replacing car wipers at home can be done by lifting the wipers that are still installed in the car. Don't forget to cover the glass area with a towel to prevent the old wiper from coming off and falling onto the car window. Old wipers that fall, especially conventional wipers, can cause scratches when removing the car wipers.

  • Remove the Car Wiper Rubber

Remove the wiper rubber after lifting the car wiper. To remove the wiper rubber from the stem, press the lock in the middle of the stem and push it downward. Do this carefully and slowly because the car wipers will not work properly if the drive rod is damaged.

  • Install New Car Wiper Rubber

After cleaning the car wiper, push the new wiper upwards until you hear a "click" sound, which indicates that the wiper is locked properly. After that, your friend can put the wiper back in its original place.

Tips Memilih Wiper Frameless

Tips for Choosing Frameless Wipers

Before choosing a frameless wiper, you should pay attention to the steps below so you don't make the wrong choice:

  • Wiper Size

Checking the wiper size is an important step when buying wipers. Every car has a different wiper size. Therefore, make sure the size is right.

If it is too long, the wiper may collide while working, and if it is too short, the wiper may not sweep all parts of the glass surface thoroughly.

  • Wiper Rubber

Make sure the wiper rubber is quality. This type of rubber has a flat, smooth, and rough surface, so it will make wiper sweeps better.

  • Wiper Framework

Don't rush to buy a wiper and make sure the frame is complete. The most common damage is bending.

  • Product Test

It's important to test the product before purchasing it, especially if you buy your wipers at a car accessories store. This will ensure that the wipers do not make noise while cleaning the glass.

  • Be Careful Before Purchasing

Make sure that the car wipers you buy have a guarantee. So that when installed, if there are any deficiencies, they can still be replaced with other products.

Hybrid Wipers Vs Frameless

There are several types of car wipers that you can use. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Like hybrid wipers, the difference with frameless wipers is that this hybrid type is made from a combination of conventional wipers and flat-blade wipers, so they physically look like conventional wipers.

Hybrid wipers usually use knockdown rubber to create a more aerodynamic air space when driving. This is because the rubber material is flexible and the plastic handle is strong. Hybrid wipers, like frameless models, have the advantage of being light in weight.

The hybrid type is more expensive than some wiper models. Due to the high price tag, many customers tend to choose conventional or frameless wipers.

The frameless wipers, which are currently widely used by the latest cars, such as the Wuling BinguoEV, do have a simpler appearance and are believed to be cleaner for sweeping water on car windows.

Apart from that, there are several advantages that make it more practical without having to always clean it after it rains or gets wet. However, it would be better to always clean the car after it has been exposed to rain or has become dirty to keep it clean and comfortable to use.

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