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Wuling Motors Dedicate 10,000 Trees for Indonesia

29 September, 2016

Image Wuling Motors Dedicate 10,000 Trees for Indonesia

Cikarang, 23 September 2016 – Motors Wuling (Wuling) initiated the program ’ 10,000 Trees To Indonesia ’ as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Program (Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR). Through collaboration with the Municipality of Bekasi, Wuling today inaugurated the program by planting 1,000 trees in the District of Central Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java. Program ’ 10,000 Trees To Indonesia ’ Sustainability is part of the CSR pillars of Wuling and will be implemented on an ongoing basis and continuously for 10 years in Bekasi, West Java.

This environmental program is run with passion to contribute in the creation of a better environment in the area around the plant site and the Supplier Park Wuling . President Xu Feiyun Wuling Motors said in his speech, “ We are all responsible for protecting the environment for our children and grandchildren. That’s why we decided to run this program, which not only aims to reduce the level of air pollution but also provide economic benefits to local residents. ”

Wuling choosing fruit trees for the program ’ 10,000 Trees To Indonesia ’ so in addition to getting the benefits of reforestation, the community will also get economic benefits from the fruits later.

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Attending the event were President Wuling Motors Xu Feiyun and team Leadership, Head of the Environmental Management Agency (Plt) Slamet Supriyadi, as well as representatives from NGO partners, including Putra Sampoerna Foundation and Habitat for Humanity. A number of management and employees Wuling participate as volunteers in the program.

In addition to this environmental program, Wuling also committed to developing human resources in Indonesia as part of CSR. Previously, Wuling has provided scholarships to 63 students to continue their studies in the 3-year education program in China. Wuling has also established the Center for Automotive Education and Training Indonesia – China in Karawang, through cooperation with local vocational school, SMK 1 Karawang, with the aim of enhancing the capacity and capability of the graduates of the vocational schools.

The whole effort was referring to the values of Wuling, ‘ Listen, Understand, and Create for Indonesia ’, where Wuling is not only committed to providing products and services that better for the people of Indonesia, but also contribute to economic development, especially the Indonesian Automotive Industry.

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Wuling is currently building a factory and Supplier Park which is scheduled to begin operation in early 2017 and will launch its first product in the second half of 2017. Once construction is completed, the project is expected to create approximately 3,000 jobs for the local community as well as upstream and downstream industry chain as a contribution to the industry.

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