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4 Tips for Caring for A Turbo Engine on A Car

29 April, 2019

Image 4 Tips for Caring for A Turbo Engine on A Car

Many turbo engines are now pinned on factory-built car engines, including the Wuling Almaz, with a turbo engine, the driver can feel the sensation of more aggressive driving performance. However, no matter how sophisticated your vehicle engine is, if you do not do good periodic maintenance, it will not be a good vehicle performance, including the turbo engine.

There are a number of things you need to do to maintain a turbo car engine. Before discussing this, it’s good to know what a turbo engine is. The turbo engine is a device that functions to increase the air supply in the combustion chamber which is able to increase the power of the car spontaneously when the engine RPM touches a certain point by increasing the pull or pounding of speed. Although the maintenance of the turbo engine is not much different from the non-turbo engine, it helps you pay attention to the following things.

How To Use The Engine

How To Use The Engine

Before using a turbo engine, it’s a good idea to read how to use it. There are several vehicles that offer recommendations for the use of turbo engines, both before and after. Know this through a user guide or ask a mechanic at your car’s authorized dealer. Also, avoid using a turbo engine when the engine temperature is below normal. First, make sure the machine has reached the normal working temperature by driving the car slowly first.

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Engine Oil

Engine Oil

Engine oil is an important component that you need to pay attention to to maintain the performance of your turbo engine. The thing you can do is to use oil which is recommended for cars with turbo engines or according to the specifications of your car. Special oils are usually more fluid and have better lubrication and cooling capabilities. In addition, oil changes must be made according to the right amount because if it is not sufficient, the oil supply to the engine will decrease and cause the work to be not optimal.


Bahan Bakar Berkualitas

Use fuel with the right octane number and quality. High air compression in the combustion chamber requires fuel with a higher octane number as well. Never use fuel with an octane number that is too low because this can damage your turbo engine. The use of quality fuel will also make the combustion process in the engine room more perfect so as not to produce exhaust gas that can stick to the turbine. The exhaust gas attached to the turbine can cause the turbine fan that pumps air into the combustion chamber to become obstructed.

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Air Filters

Air Filters

You need to know, that the air entering the turbo does not only come from the engine, but also from outside the engine. Therefore, filters that are on the hood of your car must be replaced periodically so that the turbo engine does not suck dirty air or dust which causes accumulation of dirt and ends in the obstruction of engine work.

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