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5 Important Items to Bring on the Road Trip

7 March, 2019

Image 5 Important Items to Bring on the Road Trip

Doing a road trip with family is always a fun adventure, usually, the preparation is no less exciting, especially if the trip taken is quite far. Choosing the right vehicle to do the trip is also a crucial decision to make due to the safety and comfort to all passengers; and MPV is one of the better choices for its space and 3-row capacity. But most important in a long trip is always the condition of the driver to stay alert and continuously do the safe driving routine.

Indeed, in a long journey, boredom is inevitable, not only for the driver but also for the passengers. The easiest way to avoid it is to have a conversation or even having laughter in the car, and with less noise in the cabin, it’s like having a family conversation at your living room.

In a long mobile journey, you need to have supporting tools along the way. These are several important items to bring with you in the car.

Reflective Safety Triangle

This is one of the quintessential tools to have in your car. This “simple” tool is to give information to other drivers that you are having an emergency with your car. This reflective triangle should be place a minimum of 3 meters from your vehicle so that other drivers can see a stopped vehicle. Although it is suggested to place it 10 meters from the vehicle to be safer and to avoid any collision.

First Aid Kit

This item is a must in your car. Usually placed in front of the glove box or at the baggage compartment. Common first aid kit contains: adhesive bandages, roller bandage, gauze pads, wound cleaning cloth, scissors, tweezers, adhesive tape, elastic wraps, and some first aid kit have emergency guidance book. Hopefully, that small box will never be used on your road trip, although you must observe the box periodically to ensure everything is usable and not expired, or “best before…”

Emergency Car Kit

Although there are standard tools available in your car as you purchase, it is wise to re-check before your long road trip, because sometimes it is used by one of the family members and forgot to return to the vehicle. The main importance is to have a jack, rachet, spanners, screwdriver, and so on.

Spare Tires

Almost all vehicles are equipped with spare tires placed in the back of the car, either below the trunk floor or outside hidden behind the rear bumper. If the spare tires are the same size as the original tires, do not forget to repair the flat tire so you can use the ‘spare tire’ again if a similar occasion happens again. If the spare tire is a space saver, use with caution because it only can be driven not more than 80 km/h and a distance of 30 km – due to a different size than the original tires.

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Jumper Cables

Even though car battery is regularly checked for maintenance, bringing a jumper cable is a necessity. Sometimes the problem does not only occur on the battery, but electricity and therefore must be ‘jumpered’. Or sometimes another driver is in need of a jumper, then you are there to help others.

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