Understanding Car Engine Cooling Tool: How it Works & How to Maintain

21 December, 2022

Image Understanding Car Engine Cooling Tool: How it Works & How to Maintain

Want to avoid overheating your vehicle? Make sure you know what a car engine coolant is. This is one of the important components in the vehicle that ensures that the engine is always in optimal and stable condition.

When the vehicle is turned on, the vehicle engine will generate heat from the combustion that occurs in the engine. To avoid overheating, which can endanger the user, each vehicle is equipped with an engine cooling device called a radiator.

What are the components in a car engine cooler, and how do they work and maintain them? Check the full information below.

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What is Car Engine Cooling

As the name suggests, a car engine coolant is a component that ensures the engine temperature is stably maintained. This system can ensure the temperature and engine temperature are always in optimal conditions.

Car temperatures that are too high can make the vehicle engine work harder. If this happens, the vehicle can experience engine overheating and cause the engine to stall. Therefore the heat in the car engine needs to be removed by using this engine cooler.

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Components & Functions of Car Engine Cooling Tools

In stabilizing the vehicle's temperature, this car engine cooling device consists of several components that have their respective functions but are interconnected. Some of the components in the engine cooler include the following:

1. Radiators

The main component of the engine cooling system is the radiator. This component consists of a small pipe and a cooling water reservoir. This pipe will be flowed by coolant, which functions to absorb the heat released by the vehicle engine.

2. Radiator Fan

The next car cooling component is the radiator fan which consists of two parts. One fan serves to provide airflow to the radiator. Meanwhile, another type is the radiator fan, which relies on the fan belt so that cold air can pass through the radiator grille.

3. Water Pump

The water pump delivers air circulation from the lower tank to the radiator. This pump works to make radiator water return to the pipes to work to cool the vehicle's engine.

4. Thermostat

A car engine cooler's component regulates water circulation in the engine cooler. There are two types of thermostats: those with a bypass valve and those without a valve.

5. Close the Radiator

Radiator cap is a component that functions to increase and maintain the boiling point of water, so it does not rise to 100 degrees Celsius. The main task of this component is to maintain a stable pressure on the radiator.

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How the Car Engine Cooling Tool Works

How a car cooler works depends on its various components. However, the radiator has the most important role. This cooling device starts from a radiator that circulates cold water. Furthermore, the water will be distributed throughout the hot engine block.

In addition to the radiator, vehicle components that function as coolants are lubricants. Lubricant or oil will work to cool down the piston area, which reduces the effect of piston friction, so it doesn't overheat. Excessive heat can bend the piston and damage the engine block.

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Car Engine Cooling Tool Maintenance

The car engine cooling system is crucial in maintaining a vehicle's performance. Therefore, this engine cooling component must always be treated properly. There are several important things that you need to pay attention to in caring for this car's cooling system, including

  • Keep the amount of radiator water
  • Use the right radiator coolant according to the needs of the vehicle engine
  • Make sure the radiator water reservoir cap is not corroded
  • Make sure the electric fan works optimally
  • Monitor the condition of the drive belt
  • Always keep the AC condenser clean
  • Never remove the thermostat

Vehicle engines must always be at a stable temperature to work optimally. If the engine overheats or the temperature is too high, it can cause the car to break down and cause a fire. Therefore, you should always ensure the car's engine cooling device is functioning properly before driving, especially if you want to drive long distances.

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