Facts About A Car Air Filters

8 March, 2021

Image Facts About A Car Air Filters

Air filters are one of the most important components in a car. As the name implies, this component works by filtering air from the intake air to the combustion chamber. As the work is essential to support your car’s performance, you should therefore not underestimate its condition.

Specks of dirt can build up in the car filter and result in the weakening of the car’s power or even complete unresponsiveness, especially when you are driving on an uphill road.

In addition, fuel consumption will also be more wasteful and the engine sound turns coarse due to incomplete combustion in the engine room. If this continues, it can damage the engine completely. To avoid such conditions, read the explanation below on how to maintain your car’s air filters.

What Is an Air Filter?

Pengertian Filter Udara

The air filter prevents dirty air from entering the car’s engine. It is located at the top of the engine and is closed by a filter housing that will flow air into the combustion chamber. The air filter housing is protected with a valve to prevent air leakage. In general, engine performance depends on the cleanliness and quality of the air filter.

Why Do Cars Need an Air Filter?

Fungsi Filter Udara pada Mobil

When a car is running, dust from the road will be sucked into the car. Even though it sounds simple, the air filter prevents dust and very fine dirt particles from entering the combustion chamber. Over time, the dust and dirt particles filtered in the air filter will accumulate and clog the pores of the filter.

In the long run, the clogged pores of this filter will disrupt the supply of air into the combustion chamber. In return, the engine cannot work optimally, resulting in permanent damage to the car engine. Therefore, car owners must regularly monitor the air filter condition to ensure the car remains comfortable on the go.

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When To Change an Air Filter?

Interval Penggantian Filter Udara

Essentially, every component in a car engine has a service life. One of the main indicators that are often used as a guideline for replacing air filters is mileage. Usually, car filter manufacturers recommend that the air filter be replaced after a 30,000-40,000 km distance is reached.

However, in cases where you often pass on dusty roads, especially during the dry season or on extreme conditions, such as off-road driving, you should replace the air filter every 20,000-25,000 km.

What Are The Different Types of Air Filters?

Currently, there are three types of car air filters on the market. They have different characteristics according to their basic material.

Paper Air Filter

Filter Udara Berbahan Kertas

This type of filter uses paper as its main filter element. Various car manufacturers commonly use this type of air filter. The filterability of a paper filter is very good, as it can even prevent very fine particles from entering the engine.

Foam Air Filter

Filter Udara Berbahan Busa

This type of filter uses foam as the main filter element. It is often called a wet foam filter, as it requires some oil to filter out very small dirt. Unfortunately, however, this type of filter has a very short lifespan.

Fabric Air Filter

Filter Udara Berbahan Kain

The fabric air filter uses cloth as the main filter element. Not only is it very good at filtering out small dirt, but it is also easy to clean. On top of that, the fabric air filter also has a very long lifespan as it can be used repeatedly.

How To Clean Air Filters?

Cara Membersihkan

The car air filter must be checked periodically. If the filter is dirty but is still under the lifespan period, cleaning it would be enough. How to clean the air filter is quite easy, but please consider the following points.

  1. Open the hood and the filter housing to remove the air filter.
  2. Take out the air filter, and make sure you know exactly what type of filter your car has, so you don’t clean it wrong.
  3. For paper air filters, don’t wash them with water as this will damage paper particles. Use high-pressure air instead, so that it can remove the dust and dirt.
  4. For a foam-based air filter, you can use a mixture of water and detergent to clean it. Be careful not to squeeze it too hard, and let it air dry.
  5. For a cloth filter, you can use a mixture of water and detergent to clean it as well. Again, just wait and let it naturally dry.
  6. Also, remember to clean the filter housing and don’t leave dirt on it.
  7. When you’re done, reinstall the air filter and put on the filter housing back.

Make sure everything is installed correctly to prevent leakage, ok?

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How Much Do Air Filters Cost?

Range Harga

The price of car filters varies depending on the material. Generally, a filter made of good quality paper costs around IDR 100,000 - IDR 200,000, while a quality foam filter has a price range of IDR 200,000-IDR 350,000. Meanwhile, air filters with cloth material are slightly more expensive as they are designed to have a longer lifespan.

A good quality cloth air filter ranges from IDR 300,000-IDR 450,000. Again, the price is slightly more expensive as it provides much better quality compared to that of paper and foam materials.

Remember to always consider the quality of the air filter when you are making your purchase decision. Don’t be fooled by cheap prices but poor quality. The role of the air filter is very important for the performance of your car.

Those are some explanations with regards to car filters, that hopefully, you can apply to your favorite car. Before taking your Wuling car to a trusted and professional Wuling dealer to replace or maintain its air filter, it’s always a good idea to get yourself informed beforehand, right?

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