Car Clutch Pads and When To Replace Them

13 September, 2021

Image Car Clutch Pads and When To Replace Them

Many people do not know the function of the clutch pads, even though they have a very important role in transmitting power from the engine to the transmission. Most of the drivers know how to use it but without understanding its function.

To know the important role of the clutch, then you need to know its function. This way, you can use the clutch pad properly.

Car Clutch Pad Functions

The main function of the car clutch is to disconnect and connect the rotary power from the engine sector to the transmission. In the process, the clutch pad will rotate the transmission input shaft. With this way of working, the two components are always installed together.

When the engine rotates, the function of the clutch pad is greatly influenced by the rotational power of the engine. The rotating power of the engine will make the flywheel rotate and the process will take place up to the clutch cover.

When the position of the clutch cover is tenuous due to a stampede on the clutch pedal, the power generated by the engine will be cut off. However, unlike the clutch pedal which is clamped, the engine power can work properly.

The clutch pad can also be useful for dampening the various knocks and vibrations that usually arise during the disconnection process. The clutch pad has several components in it such as the torsion dumper and cushion plate components. With these components, the clutch pad can work very well.

The clutch pad also has a role in smoothing changes in the distribution of power from the engine to the transmission. When the engine gets suddenly turned, the car will slip or cause other inconveniences to the driver and passengers.

As long as there is a quality clutch pad, the various problems above can be avoided. Even though the engine revs suddenly, the changes in power will run smoothly and will make the driving runs smooth.

Car Clutch Pad Types

Seputar Kampas Kopling Mobil dan Tanda Harus Ganti 2 1000x569

Clutch pads have 2 different types, namely automatic and manual clutch pads. The type of clutch is distinguished by how it works. The clutch pad will automatically apply centrifugal force.

The type of clutch is very influential on the price of the clutch because the price of the automatic clutch is usually more expensive than the manual one. The price ranges from IDR 400,000 to IDR 1,000,000.

This type of automatic clutch serves to distribute power automatically and its work is greatly influenced by the engine speed. This way of working will make the position of the composition of the canvas and clutch plate tenuous.

The lining system and clutch plate can be docked slowly when the car starts on the gas and the power generated will be transmitted, so that it will continue to the rear wheels of the car.

Automatic clutch pads are very different from manual ones. The manual car clutch has a tight arrangement of the lining and clutch plate. The power that will be distributed will be affected by the driver.

If the driver wants to press the clutch handle, the lining and clutch plate will stretch. This will make the power from the engine to the transmission get released. With this mechanism, the car will not go on the gas.

Signs of Worn Out Car Clutch Pads

Tanda Kampas Kopling Mobil Harus Ganti

If the clutch pad is damaged, then you must immediately repair it. To be able to recognize various damages, then you need to pay attention to the signs of damage.

1. Higher Positioned Clutch Pedal

Pedal Kopling yang Posisinya Lebih Tinggi

Characteristics of the manual clutch lining getting worn out can be detected from the clutch pedal. When the clutch pad starts breaking, the clutch pedal position will appear higher and this will shorten the clutch pedal distance and this usually occurs suddenly.

2. Decreased Engine Acceleration

Akselerasi Mesin Menurun

Another characteristic that can be felt easily is the car's acceleration is decreasing. When the clutch pads quality begins to decline, the power generated from the rotation of the engine will not be channeled properly to the transmission. When you step on the gas pedal of the car, the engine speed will not increase and it will make a squeaking sound instead.

3. Scorched Smell

Muncul Bau Hangus

Not only can it be felt and seen, but the sign of the clutch lining running out can also be detected by the sense of smell. A burning clutch will cause a scorched smell to appear and when the clutch pad is thinned, a burning smell will intensify all the way to the car cabin.

4. Fastly Heated Machine

Mesin Cepat Panas

A clutch pad that has run out will usually make the temperature of the car's engine increase drastically. If the engine heats up quickly, then it is a good sign for you to immediately replace the clutch of the car.

5. Heavier Shifting Gears

Perpindahan Persneling yang Lebih Berat

If your car experiences a shift in gears that feels heavy, then this is a sign that the clutch lining is damaged. Usually, the gear lever will be stiff and hard, whereas under normal conditions this should be done easily.

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