Electric Car Charging, How Much Does it Cost and How to Charge It?

15 February, 2022

Image Electric Car Charging, How Much Does it Cost and How to Charge It?

When compared to a car that uses gas fuel, you can see the advantages of an electric car. As the name implies, an electric car is a vehicle that does not use gas fuel as an energy source, but uses electricity.

Because electricity is the source of energy, to run an electric car, you have to charge it. Usually, charging this electric charge can be done at home or at an electric car charging station provided by the government. For those of you who are still curious about what an electric car is, you can read more about this article.

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Advantages of Electric Car Charge

Electric cars have several advantages that you can consider, such as the following:

  • The engines used in electric cars are usually smoother and quieter, making it more comfortable to drive. Usually, when the electric car is not running, the sound produced by this car is only at 30 db to 40 db.
  • The cost for maintenance is quite cheap.
  • This car does not require much maintenance due to the absence of the need for oil and a smaller number of components.

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How to Charge an Electric Car

You should know the charging principle of an electric car. This principle is actually almost similar to the principle of charging a battery. You should pay attention to the battery charging components such as adapters, connectors, and power sources. Below are 2 ways to charge an electric car charger:

On Board Charger

On-board Charger

The principle of this one uses a charger that is already in the car. Electricity enters the car using alternating current. This charger is useful as an adapter to replace alternating current from outside so that it becomes direct current to fuel the battery.

Off Board Charger

Off-board Charger

This charger has a principle where the electric car charger is separate. This means that you cannot find the car charger in the in-car battery charging system. You have to use direct current to get it into the battery. Rarely there are cars that use the off-board charger charging system. Most electric cars use an on-board charger as a charging system.

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How to Charge an Electric Car in Indonesia

Electric car power can be charged at home or at an electric car charging station. You need at least 17 hours to be able to fully charge an electric car at home. It's different when you fill it up at the station, because it only takes you 3 hours. This time can be accelerated to 1 hour only if you use a fast charger.

How to charge an electric car at an electric car charging station in Indonesia is as follows:

  • Install the Charge.IN app
  • Find the nearest station via the Charge.IN app
  • Come to the nearest charging station
  • Pair the gun according to the type of car
  • Use an NFC card as authentication at the charging point
  • Scan the QR Code at the station to be able to charge the kWh needed to charge the car. You can immediately see the cost of this charge.
  • Pay via the LinkAja application because that is the only payment option available.
  • Wait until your car is finished for the charging process.

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Electric Car Charge Fee

Electric cars are actually quite economical because some electric car charging places provide free electricity. Usually, the cost to chargeis IDR 1,650 per kWh to IDR 2,466 per kWh. If you take the cheapest price and then multiply that price by the capacity of your car's battery, which is for example 75 kWh, then the cost of charging the car is Rp123,750.

You need to know that 1 kWh can be used to cover a distance of up to 5.1 km, so you can cover a distance of 112.5 km for a single charge. This fee is the charge at public electric vehicle charging stations.

The cost for charging at home will be different. The cost to charge an electric car at home is determined according to the price per kWh of electricity for your home. Other things that determine are the maximum charger current, charging time for the car, and the electric voltage. In the DKI Jakarta area, the price per kWh is usually Rp. 1444.

Seeing the various advantages of electric cars, many people are interested in owning them. Electric cars are not only economical, but also environmentally friendly because there are no exhaust emissions from their use. You can get all these advantages from Wuling GSEV which will soon be available in Indonesia -which will become a solution for today's needs of environmentally friendly vehicles.

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