Here’s What Juragan Tekno Says about Almaz RS

2 August, 2021

Image Here’s What Juragan Tekno Says about Almaz RS

Various advanced features such as IoV (Internet of Vehicles) technology to safety guarding on the Almaz RS take the driver to an even higher level. On this occasion, Iqbal, who is a content creator on Juragan Tekno's channel, gave a complete review of the Almaz RS which he said has complete and sophisticated features!

Impressed with The Technology!

Terkesan dengan Kecanggihan Teknologi!

This is the first impression Iqbal got when he first used the Almaz RS. No wonder, as he can control all the car features through the My Wuling+ application - from starting the engine, opening the window, to cooling down the temperature in the cabin.

In his channel, Iqbal did not forget to do a demo of using this sophisticated application. He only needs to open the My Wuling+ application and click the Wuling logo in the bottom menu. This application will automatically detect the condition of the car such as the remaining gasoline in kms and various other features such as opening the back door, starting the car or adjusting the temperature.

Identifying The Car Location

Bisa Mengetahui Lokasi Mobil Ada Dimana

My Wuling+ can also show the location of the car and it is shown through the map in the application. This feature is very useful when you park in a crowded place, because the map will tell you the current position of the car and even provide a route to the car's location. You can also use the horn flash feature to check the position of your car. So sophisticated isn't it?

Turning on the Machine from the Application

Tinggal Menghidupkan Mesin dari Aplikasi

Of all the features in My Wuling+, what impressed Iqbal the most was being able to turn on and off the machine only from the application. The method is quite easy, that is, click the car image in the middle and click turn on the engine to start the engine and click again to turn it off.

You can also decrease the cabin temperature by clicking on cool down the cabin, and it will automatically turn on the air conditioner. In addition, you can also open windows and back doors only by clicking the menu on the Wuling+ application.

Wrapped in Solid Design!

Dibalut Desain Solid!

According to Iqbal, the Almaz RS has a strong and solid dynamic body design with a wide, large and long body. The dashing front grille equipped with a projector headlight adds an elegant impression to the front.

The side of the Almaz RS also did not go unnoticed by Iqbal as it has elegant curves and gives a sturdy impression. This car is perfect for young executives, as Iqbal said. An elegant chrome ornament and a dynamic tail design are available at the back, giving perfection to the exterior appearance of this car.

Iqbal's Safety Guarding

Safety Guarding yang Dirasakan Iqbal

This car is also equipped with qualified safety guarding features and provides extra security for the driver while driving. This feature is the Advance Driver Assistance System (ADAS) which is the advantage of the Almaz RS. All of these ADAS features can be accessed through the extra wide head unit located on the dashboard.

The first feature he felt was Adaptive Cruise Control which allows him to adjust the speed of the vehicle according to his wishes. Through the head unit, this feature can be set at a minimum speed of 30 km/hour and a maximum speed of 80 km/hour. In addition to the head unit, this feature can also be activated by clicking the button on the steering wheel and can be set up to a maximum speed of 150 km/hour.

Iqbal also tried the Bend Cruise Assistance (BCA) -a feature for reducing speed when taking a turn. So, if the driver's speed exceeds the limit when going to turn, the system will automatically reduce the speed of the car to avoid accidents.

Best Driving Assistant

Asisten Mengemudi Terbaik

Using the Almaz RS, Iqbal also feels as if he has a personal assistant when driving because it has 4 important features. Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Lane Keeping Assistance (LKA) provide warnings when exiting the lane so that you can keep driving on the correct lane. Furthermore, the driver will be given a warning to immediately correct the vehicle speed and return to the correct lane.

In addition, there is also a Forward Collision Warning (FCW) which will give a warning if the distance from the car in front is too close. The last is Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) which will activate when a car or object is suddenly in front of the car.

These four features are very useful for those of you who are very active and often drive in tired conditions. The sensitivity level and warning system of this feature can also be adjusted for driving comfort. Starting from displaying warnings, sounding warning sounds, steering wheel vibrations to displaying warnings.

Best Driving Comfort

Kenyamanan Berkendara Terbaik

Iqbal shared his impression of Almaz RS being the most comfortable car he has ever driven. The suspension of this car is very soft, so driving becomes quieter and more comfortable. In addition, the seat also feels very comfortable with a headrest that fits on the head so that it can support the body very well.

Power Steering Almaz RS also feels very comfortable, where at low speeds the steering wheel is very light and easy to control. But at high speeds, the steering wheel becomes harder so that driving becomes better.

Another feature that makes it safe with Almaz RS is the 360 ​​camera. The camera display on the head unit will be divided into 3, namely the front, rear, and right/left side cameras. This will be very helpful when driving on narrow, crowded, road conditions and especially when going to park.

Sophisticated Direct Head Unit

Mencoba Langsung Head Unit Canggih

Almaz RS is also equipped with a sophisticated head unit that is connected to a smartphone. One of the features that he finds interesting is the Wuling Indonesian Command (WIND) which allows drivers to use the Indonesian language command feature to activate or deactivate various features.

Here Iqbal also demonstrates the use of WIND which is quite easy, just by saying "Hello Wuling" he can do many things such as increasing and decreasing the AC temperature, opening and closing windows, opening the sunroof, turning on music and radio to setting the head unit to one particular radio station.

Iqbal concludes that the Almaz RS features and technology provides ease of driving as you don’t have to look at or press buttons on the screen and can remain focused on your driving instead.

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