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How To Use A Car Seat Belt Correctly

1 February, 2021

Image How To Use A Car Seat Belt Correctly

Seat belt use is mandatory when you are in a car and this rule is legally regulated through the LLAJ Law or Law No. 22 of 2009 Article 57 Paragraph 3. Even though there are regulations, there are still many drivers and passengers who do not use seat belts when driving.

Seat belts are recommended for use by drivers and passengers, whether you sit in the front or back rows. Using a seat belt is aimed to reduce injury during an undesired accident. At least there are several ways to use a seat belt safely and correctly.

Understand Seat Belt Functions

Pahami Fungsi Sabuk Pengaman

Seat belts are used to hold the body so that you don’t jump during accidents. By using a seat belt, you will avoid a collision on the head.

Seat belts can reduce the risk of death in the event of an accident, either from the front or the side. For those of you who do not use a seat belt, the rules are regulated by law.

Pay Attention To Your Sitting Position

Perhatikan Posisi Duduk

When you drive, you have to sit up straight and keep an eye parallel to the back of the seat. You should not lower the position of the chair so that you can sit safely and comfortably. If the back of the chair is too low, the belt can go over the waist in an accident and this can lead to very serious injury.

Straighten Up The Seat Belt

Sabuk Pengaman Jangan Melintir

When you use a seat belt, place it straightly on the upper chest and in the upper thigh area. By using seat belt correctly, your driving will be safer.

If the seat belt is twisted, the pressure to protect yourself is not functioning properly and in the event of an accident, it will cause great pressure on the waist.

Use A Seatbelt On The Shoulder

Pakai Sabuk Pengaman di Bahu

Seat belts must be worn on the shoulders, for either the driver or the passenger. The distance between the head and the chest is at least 25 cm.

Do not use a seat belt on the armpits or neck. Car companies usually always maximize safety functions that are equipped with a regulator feature for the steering wheel.

Avoid Using It Over The Stomach

Hindari Penggunaan di Perut

Belts should not be worn on the stomach, either the upper part of the stomach or the lower part of the stomach. Seat belts are designed to generate strength in the waist so that the body will not be thrown during an accident.

Seat belts should be just below the hips. When the belt is placed on the abdomen, it will not function properly and the body is at risk of tumbling with a major injury.

The Use of Seat Belts for Pregnant Women

Pemakaian Sabuk Pengaman Untuk Ibu Hamil

A mother who is pregnant, of course, must use a seat belt appropriately. Make sure the harness is placed over the breast and pointing towards the stomach, do not use the belt on the arm. You should use a seat belt on the lower part of the stomach and above the waist, do not use a seat belt that is too snug on the belly.

Seat Belt Lock

Kunci Sabuk Pengaman

When you use your seat belt, the information prompts for the signal and hears a click. To test the seat belt, then you can pull the belt.

If the seat belt can be locked well and properly attached to the lock slot, then the seat belt can work perfectly. By using a seat belt in its proper way, driving in a car is safer, right?

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