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New Cortez: Your Family Car with Advanced Technology

25 March, 2022

Image New Cortez: Your Family Car with Advanced Technology

Wuling carries family car lines with advanced technology, the Cortez variant, namely the New Cortez. This latest Wuling MPV car introduced in 2022 puts forward Wuling’s latest technological breakthroughs, namely the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and WIND for its main display. This feature that was previously only available on Almaz, is now embedded in the New Cortez.

Teknologi Internet of Vehicles pada New Cortez

Internet of Vehicles Technology on New Cortez

Internet of Vehicles (IoV) technology has now been embedded in New Cortez so that it is easier to manage vehicles with just the touch of a finger on your smartphone. With the presence of IoV, security in the infrastructure becomes more guaranteed. IoV is an evolution of technology that relies on the internet network so that the car is always available online and ready to be used by being controlled remotely before starting a trip.

You can enjoy the convenience and ease of accessing various advanced features of this IoV through smartphone connectivity via the My Wuling+ application. With IoV, you don’t have to worry if the car is locked or not because you can easily check from your smartphone. The vehicle remote control feature in it also helps you lock and unlock the car door remotely via an internet-connected smartphone.

In addition, IoV also offers a feature to heat the car via a smartphone. With this feature, your time will not be wasted, so you can manage your time more efficiently and do other things.

In IoV there is a navigation system that helps direct navigation on the car head unit. You can run navigation by specifying the destination location on My Wuling+. Automatically, navigation is connected to the head unit, so you are ready to drive to the designated destination.

For those of you who often forget, IoV is very useful because it has a vehicle positioning function. Thanks to this function, you can easily find the car’s location. In addition to what has been mentioned, other features available on IoV New Cortez, namely wireless mirroring, geo-fencing security, online messaging, online music, to the feature of turning on and off the car air conditioner.

IoV on Wuling will ease you to run features with Indonesian commands, making your trip more comfortable and effortless. The available commands are available for managing phone calls, music, radio, online applications, air conditioning, windows, volume, checking date and time, and even managing the sunroof.

Keunggulan Lain New Cortez

Other Advantages of New Cortez

Some of the other advantages of New Cortez are in the interior design, exterior, performance, to qualified security protection.

2.1. Eksterior Sporty dan Premium 1000x569

Sporty and Elegant Exterior

On the exterior, the design of the car is made sporty so that it looks classy and elegant. A classy Electric Sunroof is available to enhance the pleasant experience of the driver and his family.

The 5 diamond logo is elegantly made with the use of a new futuristic silver color. Firmness is also embedded through the latest 16-inch alloy wheels with a sporty yet elegant shape, wrapped in two-tone silver and black polish.

Kabin Nyaman dengan Desain Berkelas

Cozy Cabin with Classy Design

In the interior of this car, the design is made modern with a touch of quality materials. This provides more comfort with a soft seat like a sofa. Additionally, the new colors give the impression of luxury and elegance.

Not only that but the elegant concept in the interior of the New Cortez is also enhanced by the addition of elegant marble material on the control panel and the car door. Meanwhile, the car that accommodates 7 passengers is equipped with seat cushions in the first and second-row seats that guarantee comfort for the passengers.

An elegant look and impression are given through the seats made of elegant black semi-leather. Driver and passenger productivity is supported through a special design with the latest New Cortez multipurpose seat tray feature.

2.3 Mesin Powerful _ Fitur Safety 1000x569

Powerful Engine & Safety Features

The powerful 1.5L turbocharged engine and smooth and responsive CT support the performance of this car so that it can give you satisfaction and comfort on the trip. New Cortez also offers the latest security technology.

The security technology is equipped with safety features such as a rear parking camera for safe parking, seatbelt reminder, TPMS feature to monitor tires, dual SRS Airbags, up to AVH, HHC, ESS and ESC to regulate car safety while driving on the road.

With all the technological advantages mentioned above, New Cortez is very suitable for your needs when traveling with family or active young business people. New Cortez completes you and your family’s activities with the latest technology!

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