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Things To Understand Before Starting To Learn Driving A Car

17 January, 2020

Image Things To Understand Before Starting To Learn Driving A Car

Learning to drive for the first time can be an overwhelming moment for some people. No wonder why many feel nervous when sitting behind the steering wheel. On the other hand, it can actually be fun to learn driving if you know how to maintain your emotions. To get a smooth process during your driving practice, check out some tips below!

Pick an expert to be your teacher

To have accurate information concerning the ins and outs of driving, it’s advised to choose an expert as your teacher. They are of course more knowledgeable about driving techniques. If you feel nervous to study with strangers, you can ask your relatives who are good at driving to teach you instead.

Arrange the seat as comfortable as possible

Before starting the engine, make sure you are sitting comfortably. Also, adjust the position of the rearview mirror so you have a better angle of it. Adjust the seat height so that the front and sides can be seen easily in the eyes. Keeping comfort can indeed reduce your nervous feeling.

Afterward, learn the parts in the car and their functions one by one. Starting from the three pedals below to the features inside. This is to avoid the occurrence of errors that can potentially lead to unwanted situations, for example, mistakenly operating some features due to panic.

Stay focus

When you are behind the steering wheel you may feel overwhelmed by other drivers on the road. Stay alert and be careful so that you can be safe during the drive. Don’t forget to turn on the turn signal when turning. Keep your focus forward and avoid thinking of other unrelated things.

Avoid all distractions

When learning to drive for the first time, you should not invite anyone other than the teacher himself. No need to invite your siblings, friends, or other relatives, although you think their presence can reduce your nervousness. Instead, they can distract your attention. You may also want to turn off the radio, close the window, and avoid using cell phones. By minimizing the sound that enters the car, you can focus on the view in front of you.

Look for familiar roads

Look for the roads that you usually take when learning to drive, so you can be more confident. Also, avoid crowded roads and those with many bends. You also don’t need to drive a car on a freeway that tends to be free from motorcyclists.

Practice as often as possible

To become quickly adept at driving, you should be diligent in practicing while keeping in mind the features in the car. However, don’t forget to stay safe, ask for assistance from people who are already adept at driving so that if something goes wrong, you can react quickly.