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Tips for Caring for Car Seats Made of Synthetic Leather

8 June, 2021

Image Tips for Caring for Car Seats Made of Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather seats, if not correctly cared for, car seats will be easily damaged, and it will take a lot of money to repair them. Therefore, at least some things need to be considered to clean and care for various synthetic leather seats.

Clean Sticky Stains

Bersihkan Noda yang Menempel

When you see a car seat has stains attached, you should quickly wipe it using a cloth with a smooth surface. Ensure the clean cloth has been given warm water to remove the stains that stick fast.

It will be more difficult for heavy stains to remove. However, a simple tip is to use a special baby hair shampoo because it does not contain too many chemicals.

It would help if you did not use cleaning agents that already contain detergent. It will make the elasticity of the synthetic leather upholstery fade or disappear. When using detergent, the leather upholstery will harden and will be more prone to tearing or breaking.

For a better step, then you can use soap that has been specially formulated. However, don’t try to use a type of soap that is not clear because it can be bad for the skin of the car seat.

When you have finished cleaning the stain, it must dry quickly, and the drying process must use a very dry cloth. The cloth must also have a smooth surface so that the seat surface remains elastic.

Suppose you don’t wipe it dry immediately. In that case, the synthetic leather on the car seat will absorb water, making the car seat prone to breakage. If it is broken, then the potential for upholstery damage will be even more significant.

Caring for Synthetic Leather Upholstery

Merawat Jok Kulit Sintetis

You also have to regularly take care of car seats made of synthetic leather so that the seats remain in good condition. At least once a week, you can wipe and clean the leather upholstery.

When the seat is exposed to various types of dirt such as spilled drinking water or various vomit, then immediately clean the seat. If dirt is left for a long time, it will stick and be more challenging to clean.

It would be even better if you can take the car to the car wash regularly. With an always cleaned car, driving comfort will increase, and it will be safer to drive, too.

You can choose a trusted car wash in the area closest to your house, so it doesn’t take a long time to visit a car wash. Make sure all washing equipment is complete so that washing and rinsing results can be maximized.

Even though you have to spend a relatively large monthly pocket, you will have a high standard of cleanliness and car comfort.

Wuling family, many basic materials can be used as the upholstery of car seats, such as velvet fabric, semi-synthetic leather or imitation leather, and genuine leather. However, all types of car seat materials have their advantages and disadvantages.

For all car seats that use synthetic leather, special attention is needed. Even though it is made from chemicals, synthetic leather is not necessarily hard and durable when worn.

The Wuling New Confero S interior has car seats wrapped in synthetic leather with a dominant black color on the car interior. Starting from the dashboard to the door trim, it feels sporty and elegant. The interior feels more luxurious with synthetic leather upholstery and a combination of red stitching.

Through the guide on caring for the synthetic leather seats above, you can now clean the interior of the New Confero S cabin very easily, don’t you think?

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