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Wuling Donates Hundreds of Rice Packages to People Who Need

26 May, 2020

Image Wuling Donates Hundreds of Rice Packages to People Who Need

In the framework of Eid al-Fitr and share with the community

Cikarang, May 26, 2020 – PT SGMW Motor Indonesia (Wuling Motors) and PT SAIC International Indonesia on May 20 yesterday, distributed 600 rice packages to residents in need in Sukamahi and Pasirranji Villages located around the factory. The package delivery was carried out at the Sukamahi Village Office. The assistance was symbolically given by Bambang Sumitro as Human Resources Director of Wuling Motors to the Central Cikarang Sub-District Head, Suwarto, and then handed over to each of the Village Heads, namely Ulis Ada As the Head of Sukamahi Village and Wardi Sunandar as the Head of Pasirranji Village.

“In line with the spirit of ‘Drive For A Better Life’ and also our commitment to continue helping the communities around the Wuling factory stand, and in the framework of Eid, we provide assistance in the form of rice packages for residents of Sukamahi and Pasirranji Villages through the Cikarang Central District and their respective -the Village Head. It is hoped that this assistance can help people who really need and may be affected by Covid-19, for example, income is reduced or even no income at all, making it difficult to buy main groceries, “said Bambang Sumitro.

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A total of 600 packages were recorded, each containing 5 kilograms of rice. The package is then distributed by each village apparatus to residents who need it.

This package from Wuling was welcomed by the Head of Central Cikarang Subdistrict, Suwarto “We thank Wuling Motors’ concern for our community, especially Sukamahi and Pasirranji Villages. Hopefully the assistance provided by the company can benefit our community affected by Covid 19 and be clear evidence of Wuling Motors’ concern for the surrounding community.”

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