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Wuling Motors Officially Joins Gaikindo Membership

21 September, 2016

Image Wuling Motors Officially Joins Gaikindo Membership

Jakarta, 20 September 2016 – Wuling Motors (Wuling) announced today that it has officially joining the Association of Indonesia Automotive Industries (Gabungan Industri Kendaraan Bermotor Indonesia – Gaikindo). By being part of Gaikindo membership, Wuling is now ready to join and grow Indonesia’s automotive industry by providing Indonesians with products and services that suit their needs.

Gaikindo plays important roles on behalf of automotive brand-holder members in Indonesia. The organization provides access for its members to the multinational connections, government policies, as well as the latest news on the industry and economy. In addition, Gaikindo acts as an active partner for Indonesian Government that provide strategic advices on automotive industry related. Meanwhile Gaikindo’s annual automotive exhibition, called Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS), has not only been considered as the biggest and the most prestigious automotive exhibition in Indonesia, but is also recognized internationally.

Wuling Motors President Xu Feiyun said, “We are truly honored to be part of Gaikindo members. Our membership in Gaikindo reflects our genuine enthusiasm to be part of Indonesia’s automotive players. We now have to work really hard to prove our qualifications as Gaikindo members and to achieve our vision to be a strong competitor in Indonesia’s automotive industry. We believe that by being Gaikindo member, we will have wider access within the industry to improve our brand that will also allow us to create products and services that meet Indonesians’ needs. This is also aligned with our brand proposition, ‘Listen, Understand, and Create for Indonesia’.

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Meanwhile, Gaikindo General Secretary Kukuh Kumara said, “We are pleased to welcome Wuling as part of Gaikindo membership. The presence of Wuling in Gaikindo will make our organization stronger and will open larger opportunity for the automotive industry to grow as we believe Wuling will bring its expertise to the organization and to the industry. Moreover, Wuling’s willingness to invest and join the automotive industry also proves that Indonesia still provides big opportunities for the automotive brand holders to grow in the Country while delivering great products and services for Indonesian public.”

Wuling wants to take part and be an active member of Gaikindo to contribute more for Indonesian automotive industry. “We expect that we can build good relationship and work hand in hand with other Gaikindo members to grow the industry. We will also provide our expertise, inputs and insights that are required by the organization to contribute growing the Indonesia’s automotive industry,” added Xu Feiyun.

Wuling is currently building factory and Supplier Park that is scheduled to start operating in early 2017 and launch its first product in second half of 2017. Once the project is completed, it is estimated to create around 3,000 jobs for local people as well as for the industry chain upstream and downstream, making contribution to the industry.

Wuling previously exhibited at Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2016. Its participation at GIIAS was Wuling’s first representation to introduce its brand directly to the public in Indonesia, in which the brand has successfully attracted attention from Indonesian public.

Referring to its brand proposition, Wuling has been listening to Indonesian public since the first time it decided to come to Indonesia, resulted on the construction of factory and Supplier Park in Cikarang, West Java, that has currently reached 60% completion. In addition, Wuling is also preparing to establish more than 50 sales and service points across the nation by the time of its first product launch as well as attractive financial scheme that will allow Indonesian customers for fast and easy access to its products.

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“We also listened to what Indonesian wishes during GIIAS 2016 in which we generated valuable insights from visitors on what kind of products and services that suit their needs. We genuinely appreciate and thank all visitors that had been giving feedbacks and helping us understand Indonesian market, as we are now ready to create better products and services for Indonesians,” closed Xu Feiyun.

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