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Wuling Motors Receives Positive Response During IIMS Hybrid 2021

29 April, 2021

Image Wuling Motors Receives Positive Response During IIMS Hybrid 2021

Recorded 646 SPK and a total of 643 visitors have tested Wuling’s product lines during the exhibition.

Jakarta, April 27 2021The participation of Wuling Motors (Wuling) at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) Hybrid 2021 showed good results. Wuling, which carries the theme of ‘New Era New Experiences With Wuling’ in this annual event, managed to make positive achievements by recording a total of 646 SPK and 643 visitors who did test drive. In addition, Wuling also won two awards at the event which was held on April 15-25 2021 at JIExpo Kemayoran, namely Best APM Outdoor Activity and Best SUV.

643 pengunjung telah mencoba berkendara dengan Wuling yang didominasi oleh Almaz RS 1000x667

“We are grateful for the positive response from the IIMS Hybrid 2021 visitors, which can be seen from the enthusiasm to feel the sensation of driving with Wuling products and good sales figures. We also appreciate the award given to Wuling for the test drive area as well as our intelligent digital car, Almaz RS. Of course, all these achievements encourage us to continue present innovations for a better life in line with the spirit of Drive For A Better Life,” said Brian Gomgom as Media Relations of Wuling Motors.

At the IIMS Hybrid 2021 event, Wuling presented a complete product line in an area of 868m2 at booth D9, Hall D including two of its newest products, namely New Confero S and Almaz RS. New Confero S ‘The Real Spacious Family MPV’ is equipped with an attractive and youthful exterior design, spacious cabin, and various valuable features. Regarding Almaz RS, this flagship model from Wuling has a variety of the latest technologies, ranging from Indonesian voice commands embodied in the Wuling Indonesian Command (WIND) to the innovation of the Wuling Interconnected Smart Ecosystem (WISE) which combines the Advanced Driving Assistant System (ADAS) and the Internet of Vehicle (IoV).

Di IIMS Hybrid 2021 Wuling menampilkan lini produk lengkap di booth D9 JIExpo Kemayoran 1000x664

The Best SUV award was awarded to Almaz RS which is also supported by a gasoline engine with a 4 cylinder configuration with a capacity of 1,500cc turbocharged which produces a maximum power of 140 HP and 250 Nm of torque and relies on a CVT transmission which makes gearshift smooth and responsive. Other modern features presented at Almaz RS include a panoramic sunroof, start-stop button, 360o Camera, Electric Parking Brake (EPB) and Auto Vehicle Holding (AVH), to complete security and safety features in its class.

The second award won by Wuling is the Best APM Outdoor Activity for the two Wuling test drive areas located near the entrance to Hall C for Cortez CT and New Confero S, as well as the Smart Driving Area near Pasar Gambir for Almaz RS. A total of 643 visitors have had the experience of driving with the Wuling product line during the IIMS Hybrid 2021. This figure is dominated by Almaz RS with 514 visitors who did test drive, followed by Cortez CT and New Confero S.

Wuling meraih penghargaan Best APM Outdoor Activity untuk area test drive di IIMS Hybrid 2021 1000x667

For sales information during the exhibition, Wuling managed to record 646 SPK (vehicle order letters) which was dominated by the Almaz RS series as much as 40.7%, then followed by Almaz series at 20.1%, Cortez CT series recorded at 15.8%, New Confero S series at 13.2% and the remaining 10.2% from Confero DB.

“Thank you for the warm welcome given by consumers to our product line up and programs that we brought at the IIMS Hybrid 2021 event. We hope that this activity can give positive impact on the automotive industry, including Wuling so that we can continue to move to support the national economic recovery,” added Brian Gomgom.



About Wuling Motors

Wuling Motors was officially established in Indonesia in July 2017. The long-term commitment of the company was shown through the inauguration of the factory and Supplier Park covering an area of ​​60 hectares in Cikarang, West Java. The first product from Wuling Motors, the Confero series, which was launched in August 2017, has received the ICOTY 2017 award in the small MPV category, ICOTY 2018 in the Best Value for Money category by Mobilmotor Magazine, and the AUTOMOTIVE AWARD 2018 version of the Rookie Of The Year. February 2018 won the title of Best Medium MPV at ICOTY 2018 by Mobilmotor Magazine, and Best Total Cost Ownership Medium MPV at the 2019 Gridoto Award.Cortez CT also won the title of Best Medium MPV at the 2019 and 2020 Gridoto Award and Best of Medium MPV Gasoline version AUTOMOTIVE AWARD 2019 and 2020. Wuling Motors also presents its first Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) product through Formo which was introduced in November 2018. Wuling’s fourth product, Smart Technology SUV, Almaz, was launched in February 2019 and has won various awards. Starting from the 2019 Innovation Appreciation in the Technology category by Koran Sindo and Sindonews.com, 2019 Carvaganza Editors’ Choice Award, 2019 FORWOT Car Of The Year, Car of The Year and Best Medium SUV version of the 2019 Gridoto Award, the first award in Indonesia from TRAS N CO Indonesia and INFOBRAND.ID, as well as an award in the category ‘The Best Innovation in Marketing’ from the 2020 Marketing Awards. Wuling Almaz RS, which holds the intelligent digital car concept, has also received the title Car Of The Year 2021 and Best of High SUV Gasoline from Tabloid Otomotif. Wuling Motors is committed to continuing to deliver products and services that suit the needs of the Indonesian people.

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