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Wuling with Kumala Group Cares for West Sulawesi

6 February, 2021

Image Wuling with Kumala Group Cares for West Sulawesi

Collaborate in providing support to consumers and communities affected by the earthquake

Mamuju, 5 February 2021The earthquake that happened in Majene – Mamuju West Sulawesi in January brought grief to Indonesia. As a form of concern for customers and communities affected by this natural disaster, Wuling Motors (Wuling) held the Wuling Care and CSR programs together with Kumala Group. Starting from Wuling Customer Care which provides free unit checking services, non-medical masks, medical needs, and food staples for consumers to CSR activities that distribute donation packages and non-medical masks to earthquake victims.

Enrico Daniel selaku Sales Manager Kumala Wuling Parepare Mamuju memberikan bantuan secara simbolis kepada Perwakilan Dinas Sosial Sulawesi Barat 1000x732

“We are sorry for the natural disaster that befell our people in Majene – Mamuju. We hope that all the support we and Wuling provide can be useful in accordance with the needs of the people who are in evacuation shelter,” said Stanislaus Sutandy, Sales and Marketing Director Wuling Kumala.

Wuling collaborated with Kumala Group to carry out CSR activities by donating 2,400 non-medical masks and 200 aid packages consisting of sanitary supplies, foodstuffs, baby necessities and medicines. All this assistance is intended for earthquake victims in assisting humanitarian missions.

Wuling Motors menyelenggarakan program Wuling Care dan CSR bersama dengan Kumala Group untuk membantu korban bencana gempa Mamuju Majene 1000x695

Regarding Wuling Customer Care, it is manifested through consumers’ units checking aimed to maintain the performance of customer’s vehicle to remain in good condition both in terms of functionality and safety. This checking facility is carried out proactively by contacting consumers who are domiciled in West Sulawesi and they will be visited by Wuling Mobile Service.

“Customers are the most important thing for us at Wuling Motors. With the tragedy that occurred in West Sulawesi, we want to ensure the comfort of all consumers through Wuling Customer Care. Apart from providing aids to consumers, we also provide free vehicle inspection services so that the condition of consumers’ vehicles is always maintained to move towards a better life,” stated Taufik S. Arief as Aftersales Director Wuling Motors.

To get the latest information about Wuling Customer Care services for customers affected by the earthquake in West Sulawesi, please contact (0426) 2332087 or Wuling’s 24-hour call center at 0800-100-5050 and provide information on the name, telephone number that can be contacted, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or vehicle frame number including domicile address.


About Wuling Motors

Wuling Motors was officially established in Indonesia in July 2017. The long-term commitment of the company was shown through the inauguration of a 60 hectare factory and Supplier Park in Cikarang, West Java. The first product from Wuling Motors, the Confero series, which was launched in August 2017, has received the ICOTY 2017 award in the small MPV category, ICOTY 2018 in the Best Value for Money category by Mobilmotor Magazine, as well as the AUTOMOTIVE AWARD 2018 version of the Rookie Of The Year. February 2018 won the title of Best Medium MPV at ICOTY 2018 by Mobilmotor Magazine, and Best Total Cost Ownership Medium MPV at the 2019 Gridoto Award.Cortez CT also won the title of Best Medium MPV at the 2019 and 2020 Gridoto Awards and Best of Medium MPV Gasoline versions of AUTOMOTIVE AWARD 2019 and 2020. Wuling Motors also presents its first Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) product through Formo which was introduced in November 2018. Wuling’s fourth product, Smart Technology SUV, Almaz, was launched in February 2019 and has won various awards. Starting from the 2019 Innovation Appreciation in the Technology category by Koran Sindo and Sindonews.com, 2019 Carvaganza Editors’ Choice Award, 2019 FORWOT Car Of The Year, Car of The Year and Best Medium SUV version of the 2019 Gridoto Award, the first award in Indonesia from TRAS N CO Indonesia and INFOBRAND.ID, as well as an award in the category ‘The Best Innovation in Marketing’ from the 2020 Marketing Awards. Wuling Motors is committed to continuing to deliver products and services that suit the needs of the Indonesian people.

About Kumala Group

Founded in 1983, starting as a company selling used and new cars. Currently Kumala Group is growing and has business networks in Central and Eastern Indonesia. Kumala Group’s own business includes:

  • Automotive business as an authorized dealer, in collaboration with international brands such as Hino, Wuling, Mazda, Honda and Mercedes-Benz
  • Property business, such as Primewood Mansion Makassar, Pettarani Business Center Makassar, and rental property.
  • Trading business as an official distributor of oil and tire brands: Agip, Henkel, Fuchs, Maxxis, Double coin, continentals and dynacargo.
  • Mining business and heavy equipment rental
  • Hospitality businesses such as Tanamera Coffee Pettarani

Making Kumala Group as one of the companies with the largest network in Central and Eastern Indonesia

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