Car Cross Joint: Understanding, Functions, and Characteristics of Damage

30 October, 2022

Image Car Cross Joint: Understanding, Functions, and Characteristics of Damage

Does your car pull uncomfortably and limp? There could be a problem or damage to the car's cross-joint components. This component is very important to maintain the performance of the propeller shaft in order to keep it working properly.  Cross joint is one of the important components in a vehicle. This component must function properly because if it is damaged it will greatly affect the speed of the vehicle.

For more details about what a car cross joint is to what the characteristics of the damage are, read below!

Apa itu Cross Joint

What is Cross Joint

A car cross joint or commonly called a coupling joint is one of the components contained in the propeller shaft. This component has the shape of a 'plus' sign and at each end will be attached to a roller bearing and will be connected to the yoke component to the propeller shaft.

This function is very important for a vehicle. One of them is to maintain the performance of the propeller shaft so that it can still work properly. This component is also useful for transmitting power to the wheels of the car so that the vehicle can maneuver optimally. The result is the car is able to turn properly without making a buzzing or squeaking sound.

Fungsi Cross Joint pada Mobil

Cross Joint Function on Car

Car cross-joint components have a vital role and function for four-wheeled vehicles. Some of the main functions of its components include the following:

  • Allow the propeller shaft to keep turning gently when there is a change in angle
  • Maximize the performance of drive shaft components under different angle conditions
  • Connect the propeller shaft with the transmission shaft and differential shaft
  • Work as important components in vehicles with RWD system

The joint cross is one of the important components because it greatly affects the motion of the vehicle. Therefore, this component must be treated properly so that if any of its characteristics are damaged it will not affect the vehicle's performance.

Komponen Cross Joint Mobil

Car Cross Joint Components

In carrying out its function, a car cross joint consists of several important components, including:

  • Yoke

This component is the first part of the cross joint which functions as a connection to the coupling joint to connect it to the propeller shaft.

  • Seal

This component is useful for protecting the bearing so that there is no dirt that can damage the component.

  • Cup

This component serves as a place to seat 2 yoke seeds complete with bearings. The goal is that the input shaft yoke occurs which can cause rotation of the cross component.

  • Needle Bearing

This component is useful for smoothing the movement of the cross joint and at the same time serves to soften the movement.

Ciri-ciri Kerusakan pada Cross Joint Mobil

Characteristics of Damage to the Car Cross Joint

As previously explained, the car's cross joint is an important component that greatly influences vehicle performance. Therefore, these components must be treated properly to avoid damage.

Cross joints that are damaged will usually also show certain symptoms on the vehicle, including:

1. Car Feels Vibrating

One of the most common signs of damage to this component is that the car vibrates even when traveling on a level road. This condition occurs due to the worn and unstable cross joint which causes the balance to be reduced. You must immediately find a way to replace the damaged car cross joint because it will greatly affect the comfort when driving.

2. A buzzing sound appears

If your vehicle suddenly causes a buzzing sound, you should be aware of damage to this component. This condition occurs due to the unbalanced rotation of the cross joint, causing a buzzing sound from the bottom of the vehicle. If the condition is severe enough, it can be followed by a "bletak" sound.

3. The car suddenly stomped

A damaged car's steering wheel cross joint will make its rotation inconsistent. This condition can make the car suddenly stomping, especially if you accelerate. This disorder is usually more often found in manual transmission cars.

A stable and comfortable car speed is an important indicator when choosing a vehicle. Therefore, to be comfortable while driving, always check this component and make sure there is no damage.

Currently there are many choices of vehicles that are equipped with car cross joint components that can move optimally. One of them is Almaz RS. This car has been equipped with RWD and FWD systems on all wheels so that it can move more comfortably. Not only that, the use of McPherson Strut type suspension also provides more comfort when driving.

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