Car Engine Start Stop Feature, What Are its Functions and Advantages?

24 April, 2022

Image Car Engine Start Stop Feature, What Are its Functions and Advantages?

Users of the latest cars must be familiar with the Start Stop Engine feature. This is a technology that allows vehicle owners to turn on or off the vehicle engine without using a key. With this technology, you do not need to plug in a key or ignition to operate the car engine.

In ancient times people needed a key to start the vehicle. However, along with the development of increasingly advanced technology, turning on and off the vehicle engine no longer requires a key. This is because of the presence of keyless technology or Start Stop Engine which allows the vehicle to operate without using a key.

For more details about what the Start Stop Engine feature on New Cortez is and what are the benefits, let's look at the following review.

Pengertian Start Stop Engine

Understanding Start Stop Engine

Start Stop Engine is one of the innovations in the automotive world that allows the vehicle engine to be turned on or off without using a key. With this technology, you only need to press the engine start / stop button on the vehicle dashboard when you want to start driving.

Cars that use the engine start feature or keyless ignition system are usually equipped with a free on board (FOB) key. The key functions to send a low-frequency signal to the car's computer system which will then be synchronized with the engine start/stop feature to start the engine. So you need to make sure that the FOB key is in the vehicle if you want to start the engine using the Start Stop Engine feature.

Basically, the Start Stop Engine feature has been in use since the 1990s and early 2000s. Initially this feature was only embedded in luxury vehicles, but now almost all the latest cars, such as the New Cortez, are already using the system. The presence of this feature certainly provides convenience and comfort for the driver.

Fungsi Start Stop Engine

Engine Start Stop Function

It is undeniable that automotive technology has increased significantly in recent times. Many car manufacturers are making technological innovations, one of which is the Start Stop Engine feature.

The car engine start is a feature that is in the form of a button and is located on the dashboard of the latest cars. This button serves to replace the role of the vehicle key. So to turn on or off the engine of your vehicle, you don't need to use a key, just press the button.

The Engine Start Stop feature also functions as an additional safety feature on the vehicle. This feature is able to ensure that your car does not start at the wrong time. This is because of the pre-start safety technology to ensure the car is parked. In addition, to start the engine, your feet must also hit the brakes before pressing the Start Stop Engine button.

Kelebihan Menggunakan Start Stop Engine

Advantages of Using Start Stop Engine

The Start Stop Engine feature does not only function for convenience and comfort, but also as added security. This button certainly makes it easier for vehicle owners to turn on or off the vehicle engine. Not only that, this system also provides additional protection because it can reduce the risk of a car break-in. So what are the other advantages of the Start Stop Engine feature?

1. Lebih Praktis

1. More Practical

One of the advantages offered by cars with Engine Start Stop technology is that they are more practical and easy to use. This technology allows you to access the vehicle more easily because it does not require a key to start the car engine.

Not only that, cars with Start Stop Engine technology are usually also equipped with a smart key. You can also use this key to open the vehicle door automatically. This method will certainly provide convenience when you want to drive.

2. Lebih Aman dari Risiko Pembobolan

2. Safer from Burglary Risk

Cars with smart stop engine technology such as the New Cortez offer better safety when compared to conventional cars. The engine start is connected to a smart key which can only be accessed if it receives a special signal from the vehicle owner.

The vehicle door on this latest car can only be opened with a special code which is certainly difficult to imitate. This technology will make it difficult for thieves to break into your car. This does not apply if you use a car with a conventional key which is very easy to duplicate.

3. Memberikan Kenyamanan Ekstra

3. Provides Extra Comfort

Another advantage that is owned by a car that uses smart stop engine technology is that it provides extra comfort to the owner. The smart key system that complements this type of car has many functions, especially for added convenience.

One example is that you can turn on the car's air conditioner before getting into the vehicle. This advantage is certainly quite beneficial, especially during hot conditions so that when you enter the car, the air in the vehicle is cold enough so that it will make you more comfortable when driving.

4. Menekan Konsumsi Bahan Bakar

4. Reducing Fuel Consumption

The Engine Start Stop system is also known to reduce fuel consumption. When the car stops, the engine will automatically shut itself off. This turns out to be quite effective in the use of fuel where you can save fuel usage by around 3 percent.

Cara Kerja Start Stop Engine Mobil

How the Car Engine Start Stop Works?

The Start Stop Engine system is connected to the FOB key or it can also be called a smart key. You can store this FOB in your pocket or bag, but it must be close to the vehicle if you want to use the engine start button.

When the engine start button is pressed, the FOB will send a frequency signal to the vehicle's computer system. Furthermore, the signal will be sent back to the engine start button on the dashboard so that the vehicle engine can be turned on. To turn off the vehicle engine is the same way. You just need to press the Start Stop Engine button and the car engine will automatically stop.

It should be noted, when you want to start the vehicle engine, you must press the engine start button with your foot on the brake. In this way, the vehicle engine can start and you can use the car to drive.

Start Stop Engine is one of the most useful and convenient features for vehicle owners. No wonder this system is applied on Wuling New Cortez car. Not only that, this MPV car is also embedded with many other advanced technologies including keyless entry which provides many conveniences and benefits for users. The security system is an important consideration for this car.

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