Causes of Cars Breaking Down, Don’t Panic and Do This

30 December, 2023
8 minutes read

Image Causes of Cars Breaking Down, Don’t Panic and Do This

Cars breaking down on the road have actually become a fairly common occurrence. Sometimes many car owners experience problems while traveling and find their car has problems that cause it to break down.

If you experience something like this, you don't need to panic. Keep your mind clear; if you panic, it will make it difficult for you to think about how to deal with a broken car.

Actually, a car breaking down has certain causes. Before you find your car breaking down on the road, there are several things you can do to minimize the occurrence of your car breaking down on the road. Come on, see what the causes are and how to overcome and prevent your car from breaking down in the following explanation.

Causes of Cars Sudden Breakdown

Actually, there are quite a lot of reasons why a car breaks down suddenly on the road. Some of the causes of a car breaking down discussed below are usually common causes.


  • Car Battery Problems


There are many people who believe that a damaged car battery is the cause of the car breaking down and not starting. A damaged battery usually reduces car performance. Even though you have tried many times, the engine will be difficult to start.


  • Clogged Gasoline Filter


If the gas runs out, the car won't run. Cars can break down even if they have fuel. This can happen because the fuel filter is clogged. When filling up, the gas tank can become contaminated, and a blockage in the fuel filter causes the flow of gas to be blocked into the car. Apart from that, one of the reasons why a car stalls when on gas is because the petrol filter is clogged.


  • Alternator Problem


The alternator is an ampere dynamo that supplies electrical energy from the car battery. By ensuring a sufficient energy supply, the alternator allows the car to start and run. The car can break down if this component has a problem.

Ampere dynamos can be damaged over time. In this case, when the distributed electrical energy is lost, the car engine may suddenly stop.


  • Overheat Engine


A car engine that is too hot or overheats can cause a sudden breakdown. Usually, when the car engine overheats, it is because the performance of the engine radiator is not optimal, which has the function of maintaining the temperature of the car engine.


  • Carburetor Not Functioning Maximum


One of the very important functions of a car carburetor is to distribute the fuel that enters the engine's combustion chamber. It is difficult to start the car when the amount of fuel entering is too little. As a result, the combustion process is incomplete.


  • Damaged Catalytic Converter


One of the car components that is very important for reducing the level of toxins produced by pollutant gases is the exhaust emission control device, which is also known as a catalytic converter.

It is not surprising that damage to this device can cause the car engine to stall and not be able to be started because it is directly connected to the pollutant gas exhaust system.


  • Baut Mesin yang Kendor


Baut pada mesin mobil yang kendor akan menyebabkan oli mesin merembes dan kompresi mesin mobil hilang. Sehingga mesin mobil tidak dapat menyala dan berjalan seperti biasanya.


  • Oli pada Gearbox Habis


Oli gearbox biasa cukup familiar pada pengguna mobil matic. Untuk mempermudah transmisi pada mobil matic, keberadaan oli pada gearbox sangat penting. Apabila oli habis, tentu akan menghambat kinerja mesin yang membuatnya mogok.


  • Terjadi Masalah pada Pengapian


Pengapian pada mobil seperti busi menjadi komponen penting yang membuat mesin mobil menyala. Apabila busi pada mobil sudah rusak, tentu mesin mobil tidak akan menyala saat distarter.

How to Deal with a Car Breaking Down

When you find that the car you are driving has broken down, you don't need to panic and worry. Just follow the steps below to fix a broken-down car:


  • Menyalakan Lampu Hazard


When you find a car that has broken down, you don't need to panic. As much as possible, immediately signal to other drivers that your car has broken down by turning on the hazard lights or by waving your hand out.

This outward waving can be interpreted by many drivers as indicating that an emergency situation is occurring and the driver behind your car is able to overtake.


  • Direct the Car to The Side of The Road


When you have confirmed that the car has really broken down and won't start, it would be better if the car was moved to a safe place.

Direct the car to the side of the road if it was previously in the middle. Then, signal that the car you are driving has broken down by placing a red triangle sign at the front and rear.


  • Checking Indicator Lights


The indicator light on the car dashboard usually gives a sign when the car has broken down. There will be one indicator light that continues to light if there is an error in your car.


  • Check for Damaged Components


After finding out what problems your car is experiencing through the indicator lights, you can check which car components are having problems. Whether it's a car battery, ignition components, or electrical problems.

If you feel inadequate, you can immediately call a mechanic or repair shop so that your car can be handled properly.


  • Make Repairs


If the problem the car is experiencing is quite minor, it will usually be easy to repair and can be used immediately after being repaired by a mechanic on call. If there is serious damage, generally the car will be towed to a repair shop.

The Car Broke Down and Couldn't Be Started

A car breaking down and not starting can occur due to many factors. Car engines are quite complex and interconnected with each other. If one of the car engine components is damaged or has a problem that hinders its function, it can damage other components.

Just like the reasons why a car won't start, there are many triggers that can cause a car not to start but the lights are on or a "knock" sound:

  • Even though the starter dynamo is a car component that rarely breaks, it can be damaged if you drive the car carelessly or if it is old.
  • The car battery is very important for the smooth running of the car's electrical system. If the battery is damaged, the car cannot be started.
  • Vehicle fuel: If the vehicle fuel is blocked, it is difficult to deliver fuel to the combustion chamber. The result is that the car will not start, and the engine will not start.
  • Spark Plugs: Damaged, dirty, and corroded car spark plugs can prevent the spark needed to start the engine.
  • The car coil converts battery voltage into electrical power. When the car's coil temperature is high, it cannot be started.
  • Alternator: If the car won't start but the lights come on or won't start with a “clack” sound, it may be because the alternator is faulty.

How to Prevent a Car Breaking Down

Before your car breaks down on the road, it would be better to prevent it from happening during your trip. To prevent your car from breaking down, there are many things you can do, namely:


  • Routine Maintenance


Carrying out routine maintenance is one of the most effective ways to prevent your car from breaking down while in use. The reason is, when a car undergoes regular maintenance it will minimize the damage that occurs when it is used for driving.


  • Warm Up the Machine Before Use


Warming up the engine before use can minimize the occurrence of the car breaking down. Apart from that, heating the car engine is not only done when the car is being used, but when the car is not in use it also has to be heated periodically. This is done so that the car battery does not run out.


  • Checking Fuel Before Use


Before driving a car, it would be better to make preparations. One of them is checking the condition of the car to ensure that it is in good condition. One of them is checking the fuel. If the fuel is running low, it is better to fill it up immediately before going on a long trip.

This is a complete explanation of the causes of a car breaking down suddenly, how to deal with it, and how to prevent a car from breaking down on the road. Hopefully, it's useful for you!

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