Now Cash Is Not Allowed Anymore To Cross The Toll Road

22 December, 2017

Image Now Cash Is Not Allowed Anymore To Cross The Toll Road

Since October 31st, 2017 the payment gate of all toll roads across Indonesia do not allow cash transaction. The transaction now requires e-money. The e-money card is a kind of card that can function as a digital money. This e-money is considered as prepaid card and contains the value of the same amount of real money in digital format within a server medium or chip.

The balance in your e-money is the value of your stored money, the money inside the e-money can be used for any kind of transaction at merchant/shops that accept e-money transaction.

The Benefit of E-Money In Toll Road

  1. You don’t need to wait in a long queue

    If you had used e-money for some time you would have already experienced the benefit. You don’t need to wait in a long queue at the toll gate. The gates that handle cash transaction have relatively longer queue compared to GTO (automatic toll gates).

  2. You don’t need to bring excessive cash

    Now you won’t need to hoard small change just to pay the toll access, or even bring extra money in your wallet. You just need to recharge your e-money as you see fit, then the e-money will be ready for you to bring along.

  3. Fast payment process

    Because the payment method is cashless, then the transaction process at the toll gate is also faster. This happens because you only need to tap the card on the GTO and the bar will automatically lifts up.

  4. There is no hassle for a change
    When using big note to pay the toll access, you will definitely wait for a change. This thing can be quite a hassle, especially if the change you receive are in small notes. So many drivers don’t have the time to recount the change because they need to concentrate in driving, so they just lay the change, there at the dashboard.
  5. E-Toll Pass is Applicable

E-Toll Pass is a machine that you can install atop the dashboard near the front shield to make an automatic payment process. So that the drivers no longer need to open the window and tap the e-money onto the card reader by the GTO.
Unfortunately, not all GTOs apply the technology yet. Hopefully someday all GTOs will be equipped with such technology and the government applies the rule to make payments at the GTO using cards.

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Tips of Using E-Money

At the beginning of the use of e-money for toll access there were indeed some troubles occured, below are a few tips so that you can feel more secure and comfortable in using e-toll:

  1. Don’t forget your signature

    For those of you e-toll card users, don’t forget to place your signature on the back of the e-toll card to prevent it from being accidentally mixed up. Make sure to recheck your card after making a payment on the toll road or anywhere else to prevent any trouble.

  2. Use e-toll card with unique pictures

    Choose uniquely designed cards, so that it will be harder to falsify it by irresponsible people and will not easily be mixed up with other people's cards.

  3. Stick a sticker on your e-toll card
                                                                                                                                                                                                    You may purchase or design attractive stickers, currently there are a few online stores that produce stickers for e-toll cards. By sticking these kind of stickers your e-toll card will appear distinctively from others. Besides its recognizable feature, you may also minimise the possibility of getting it mixed up, deliberately or not, when making payment anywhere.
  4. Always check e-money balance

    Always check your e-money balance, by tapping it on your smartphone’s NFC. Before or after the usage. Besides keeping you alert on the remaining balance, it also helps to make sure you are not cheated by anyone fromthe use of your e-money.

  5. Buying and recharging e-toll card at trusted merchants

  • Retail merchants, such as: Indomaret, Alfamart, Alfamidi, Lawson, Superindo, Circle-K, and Hypermart
  • If you wish to recharge the balance, you may do it at any official merchant retail partner or ATM with e-money logo, such as Indomaret, Alfamidi/Alfaexpress, Alfamart, and Circle-K.

6.  Here are the types of e-money that can be used as e-toll card:

  • E-Toll Card BPJT. Is the e-money from Toll Way Management Board (BPJT).
  • Mandiri E-Money. Is The e-money from Bank Mandiri.
  • BRI Brizzi. Is the e-money from Bank BRI.
  • BNI Tapcash. Is the e-money from Bank BNI.
  • BTN Blink. Is the e-money from Bank BTN.
  • BCA Flazz. Is Is the e-money from Bank BCA.
  • Gaz Card. Is The e-money from Bank Mandiri.
  • Indomaret Card. Is The e-money from Bank Mandiri.

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Your driving comfort at the toll road gets more comfortable because you don’t need to wait long in the queue. Travelling out of town with family in the weekends now become more fun and time saving. Everyone desires the improved comfort in driving to achieve better life quality.

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