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Take Loads As Specified

9 December, 2018

Image Take Loads As Specified

If you hear the word ‘Wuling’, many would associate Wuling Confero for its spacious cabin. If you do not have one or have not tested the Confero or Cortez series at the dealer, these first two Wuling series are available in 7 or 8-seat configurations. As for the engine car, the Confero series is available in 1,500 CC engine displacement and Cortez in 1,500 and 1,800 CC.

Engine and load capacity largely factor in to the vehicle’s speed and fuel consumption. In short, the lighter the load in the car, the more lightly the car can be driven, so it allows a faster ride and more responsive brake force. Meanwhile, the heavier the load, the more energy the engine produces to be able to run smoothly, in addition, the fuel consumption will also be bigger according the weight of the load.

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Wuling Formo, The Commercial Segment

The latest Wuling series which falls into the commercial segment, Wuling Formo has an engine capacity of 1,200 CC, which are available in two variants; a minibus that can carry up to 8 passengers, and also a blind van variant that can transport goods with spacious access and cargo space.

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Always make sure you carry the cargo as specified so that safety and comfort are always maintained. Also make sure to always check the condition of your car’s ‘health’ on a regular basis to the authorized workshop, because with the inspection of our trained technicians, your car will always be in its best condition.

Always do balancing and spooring according to the scheduled time, check the condition of your batteries, and don’t forget to change the oil on time so the engines don’t wear out. Hopefully this brief guide can help you always drive for a better life!

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