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These Are the Important Functions of Your Sunroof

25 October, 2018

Image These Are the Important Functions of Your Sunroof

When Cortez 1.8 was first introduced, there were sounds of admiration and nods of approval from the guests at the launch event that was held at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Ballroom on 8 February 2018. With a price range starting from Rp218 million for type 1.8 C, making it truly the New Choice of MPV. Because it offers many features with striking look.

Take the sunroof feature as an example. The ‘window’ located on the ceiling of the Cortez cabin can be opened and closed at will. The button also allows it to be opened manually, or automatically—press twice quickly, then the sunroof automatically opens up to its maximum position. Press once and hold to open it up to the width you desire. Interesting, isn’t it?

Such feature that is normally only available in the middle to upper and somewhat luxurious car series making it a special surprise for Wuling fans in the country. There was no chance for you to have a car at an affordable price but dons a luxurious and classy feature! At the same time, this realization makes us all wonder how many of us are yet accustomed with the function of sunroof as a feature. Let’s learn some important information below:

1.     Fresh Air and Maximum Lighting

With sunroof, you will have extra ventilation that you can open anytime. Opening the sunroof means giving extra access to air and sunlight to enter your Cortez cabin space.
When you park the car in a hot parking area for too long, just press the open-door button using your key remote from afar, and all windows including the sunroof will open automatically and provide access to air inside the cabin to ventilate. So, when you enter the cabin, the temperature is not stuffy.

2.    The Right Time and Place

Morning is the right time to try this luxury feature. When the sun is mildly shining, with the fresh and cool air, especially if you live in a mountainous area. Or if you take your Cortez for camping, you can set the front row seats lie flat with the sunroof wide open while looking at the bright sky and starry night.

3.    Avoid These Conditions

Of course, a bad time to use this feature is during broad daylight when the sun is at its hottest. You don’t want to burn your scalp and face, though. And it’s even worse as you would go through a dusty road, you’d better close the sunroof tightly so that your Cortez cabin stays clean and comfortable.
Another interesting feature from this Cortez 1.8 is the multi-information display screen that is mounted behind the steering wheel. This MID screen is able to display the temperature outside the car, so you can consider whether or not this is the right time to open the sunroof.
Not only when it is hot, when the sky above starts to look cloudy you should immediately close the sunroof to prevent yourself from being poured over with rains and flood the whole cabin.

4.    Maintaining Sunroof with Ease

The use of advanced features means you also have to give extra care for maintenance. Not only specific on the sunroof feature, but other features as a whole. However, in order to maintain the sunroof on your Cortez to keep it functioning well, always do this:
  • Don’t forget to close the sunroof when not in use, even though your car is parked in the garage. There might be no sunlight, but it is still prone to dust and mosquitoes entering the cabin, so you know…
  • Use a soft synthetic cloth to rub the entire side and seams of the sunroof after use. It is done so to keep dust and sand particles away and not blocking its railing and connection.
  • Regularly take your Cortez to our authorized workshop, so that the physical conditions, cable connections, and electric motors are maintained.
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