What Is a Blind Spot When Driving a Car On The Road?

29 April, 2022

Image What Is a Blind Spot When Driving a Car On The Road?

If you are a person who often drives, you may have often heard about blind spots. This phrase is often mentioned when discussing the causes of accidents. The blind spot is considered one of the things that causes the driver to crash because he cannot see the presence of other objects or vehicles.

A blind spot is a point around the car where the driver cannot detect the presence of objects or other vehicles. In other words, if there are other vehicles coming from the area, it becomes more prone to collisions due to the limited visibility of these vehicles.

This article will explain what blind spots are and how to avoid accidents due to blind spots. Given the importance of knowledge about this blind spot for driving safety, you need to continue reading.

Area Blind Spot Mobil

Car Blind Spot Area

As mentioned earlier, a blind spot is an area that does not enter the driver's line of sight. Each vehicle has a different blind spot or blind spot depending on the type. Generally, the larger the size of the vehicle, the wider the blind spot area it has.

The blind spot area is an accident-prone area, because in this area the driver cannot detect the presence and arrival of other vehicles. So, to minimize the risk of accidents, knowledge of blind spots is quite important. Here are some examples of blind spots on cars:

  1. The right or left side of the rear of the car when on a two-lane road, especially for cars that have thick pillars so that the visibility to the rear right and left is increasingly limited.
  2. The rear quarter of the vehicle when the var is about to turn. When there is a motorbike in this area it becomes one of the most common causes of collisions.
  3. The exact rear of the car, especially for cars with closed rear windows, such as box cars, dump trucks and so on.
  4. Pedestrians who appear during traffic jams. Usually they slip between vehicles so that they are not visible to the driver.
  5. The motorcyclist maneuvering from behind swerved into the lane in front of the car. This also sometimes escapes the eyes of car drivers, so you need to be careful, especially when driving in traffic jams.

Faktor yang Menimbulkan Blind Spot

Factors That Cause Blind Spot

Apart from areas that have been blind spots for motorists from the start, there are also limited visibility caused by other factors. These factors come from external elements or are caused by the condition of the vehicle, including the following:

  1. Car rearview mirrors have a limited range.
  2. The driver is not paying attention to the conditions around the vehicle.
  3. Dimensions of large vehicles, the larger the size of the vehicle, the wider the blind spot area, such as dump trucks, box cars, buses and other large cars.
  4. The rear windshield is covered by the cabin load that is too piled up.
  5. Weather conditions that limit visibility, such as heavy rain or foggy conditions.

Tips Menghindari Blind Spot

Tips for Avoiding Blind Spots

Under certain conditions, blind spots can occur due to unavoidable factors. However, there are several other causative factors as well that can still be avoided or minimized to reduce the blind spot area. Here are tips to avoid blind spots when driving.

  1. Check the rearview mirror before traveling and rearrange the mirror so that it can accommodate a wider viewing distance.
  2. As a driver, you should pay more attention to the vehicle's rear view mirror. Especially in vulnerable conditions, such as when turning or changing lanes. Make sure there are no other vehicles in the vicinity of the car.
  3. You can also add a head check or shoulder check, which is done by turning your head through the car window before maneuvering. This check is necessary to ensure that the conditions around the vehicle are safe.
  4. Sound a short horn when overtaking another vehicle, to alert the vehicle to your car in their blind spot.
  5. Be more alert when driving in vulnerable places, such as at intersections, bends, housing estates, project sites and densely built areas.
  6. Reduce the load of luggage or pay attention to its arrangement so that it does not pile up and block the rear glass.
  7. Avoid modifying the size of the car's rearview mirror which has the potential to reduce visibility.

The blind spot is a no-zone area that can be dangerous, especially when you're driving at a fairly high speed. Another preventive measure to deal with blind spot problems is to choose a car with advanced features that can minimize the risk of blind spots, such as the one on the Wuling Almaz RS.

Solusi Blind Spot dengan Mobil Wuling Almaz RS

Blind Spot Solution with the Wuling Almaz RS

Wuling Almaz RS is one solution to minimize the risk of accidents caused by blind spots. This is thanks to the various features that exist in this sophisticated SUV, namely the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and the Full Surrounded 360 Camera.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

ADAS technology is an automated system consisting of various safety features to make the driving experience safer. One of the interesting features of ADAS is Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).

This feature, which can be activated via a button on the steering wheel, allows the car to automatically follow the speed of the vehicle in front of it. If the vehicle in front slows down, the car automatically reduces speed. Vice versa, when the vehicle in front is fast, the speed of the car also increases.

Another interesting feature of ADAS technology is Lane Keep Assistance (LKA). When this feature is active, the steering wheel will be automatically corrected if the car changes lanes accidentally. The effect is that the car will always be kept in the right lane.

There are many more ADAS safety features that can minimize the risk of accidents due to blind spots, such as Traffic Jam Assistance (TJA) which helps maintain a safe distance automatically when stuck in traffic, Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) which alerts the driver when there is a collision hazard and many more.

4.2. Kamera 360 Derajat 1000x569

360 Degree Camera

The 360-degree camera is of course a feature that can significantly reduce blind spots on a car. With a camera that is installed in every corner of the vehicle and produces images from various angles around the car.

On the Almaz RS, all of these cameras are integrated with one software so that it can provide 360-degree image capture. As a result, the driver's visibility becomes even wider, so that the problem of blind spots when the vehicle is maneuvering and parking can be resolved.

That's the complete explanation of the following blind spots with the solution. In conclusion, blind spots are areas that escape the driver's view that are at risk of causing accidents because other vehicles in this area cannot be detected. Therefore, minimizing the occurrence of blind spots is very important to avoid accidents.

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