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5 Tips for Adjusting Car Mirrors Correctly

27 February, 2021

Image 5 Tips for Adjusting Car Mirrors Correctly

When it comes to driving, the rearview mirror is a very important safety feature to pay attention to. If you do not see the rearview mirror, then you can risk your safety as you cannot see the rear surrounding, thereby increasing the risk of a collision with other vehicles.

For novice drivers, of course, glancing at the rearview mirror is not your main priority as you want to focus on the front side to ensure the car is running smoothly. However, getting used to seeing the rearview mirror is very important to do and by looking at the rearview mirror, you will know the condition of the vehicle behind.

When you start running your car, you should first adjust the mirrors to adjust the visibility. In regulating the visibility of the rearview mirror, it cannot be done carelessly, because various things need attention.

In the following, we will give you how to set the correct car rearview mirror to make it easier for you while driving.

1. Adjust Driver’s Seat Position

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The first thing you have to do is sit in the driver’s seat and make sure the seat position allows you to control the steering wheel comfortably. Make sure you have access to the brakes, shift gears, and accelerators.

Now is the time to pay attention to the rearview mirror located at the front. Adjust it slowly and make sure the position is upright so you don’t have to move your head to look at the back. By adjusting the position of the rearview mirror, you no longer need to spend energy turning your body to see the rear side.

2. Adjust The Side Mirrors

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Car designs are indeed more varied with technological developments because many features make it very easy for drivers. Not only about the internal features, but also the various features on the outside of the car.

Many cars have a small control lever on the side door and this lever can be used to adjust the position of the side mirrors. If you are using an older model car, then you have to adjust the position of the mirrors manually by using a lever or pressing the mirror directly.

3. Adjust the Driver’s Side Mirror

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Car drivers benefit from the presence of the side mirror because it is very helpful in seeing the condition of other vehicles on the back. If the car does not use a side mirror, of course, this is very dangerous to safety.

After you sit in the driver’s seat, it’s a good idea to make sure the side mirrors are properly positioned and make sure you can see the road at the back so that the sides of the car can be seen too.

4. Adjust The Passenger’s Side Mirror

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Not only do the passengers have to sit in the correct position in the car, but the passenger beside them must also have the right seating position and make sure to wear a seat belt so that it is safer to drive.

If the side mirror by the driver has been adjusted, then you must also adjust the rearview mirror on the side of the passenger. If you use manual mirrors, then you have to move the rearview mirror by moving the seat to the passenger side.

5. Check All Car Mirrors by Sitting In the Driver’s Seat

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If you have adjusted all the mirrors correctly and you want to check them again, then you just sit in the driver’s seat. Look at all the rear and side mirrors, and ensure that their position has been adjusted to help you see your surroundings. Make sure you can see the rear comfortably so that you can overtake other vehicles safely and you can more easily park your vehicle.

Wuling Family, the presence of a car mirror is very important for the safety of you and other passengers while driving. Don’t have trouble seeing the position of the car behind you while driving. By adjusting the position of the mirrors correctly, it will be easier for you to drive every day.

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