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5 Ways to Defog Windshield

30 June, 2020

Image 5 Ways to Defog Windshield

Maintaining clear visibility while driving is indeed important, especially during the rainy season where your car’s windshield can easily get foggy with condensation. This happens more often at night since the temperature tends to be cooler than during the day. Every surface area, including the windshield, becomes colder.

For drivers, fog is annoying and dangerous. It makes the glass blue and thus, reduces vision. What are, then, the best ways to deal with a foggy windshield?

Lower the Temperature In The Car

Lower the Temperature In The Car

Fog appears due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car. In that case, the first step to take is to reduce the temperature in the car, so that condensation will be reduced as well.

Set the highest fan temperature so that you can maximize the air circulation. Afterward, set the temperature of the car to the lowest level you can tolerate.

Use the Defrost/Defogger Feature

If your car is equipped with a defogger feature, you can use it to remove the fog. Defogger vents are usually located on both sides at the very end of the dashboard. Meanwhile, if the fog occurs at the back of the car, you can use the defogger feature to eliminate it as well.Th

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Recirculate The Air

Recirculate The Air

Another option is to use the recirculation button. It switches between drawing in air from the outside and recirculating the air in the car without changing the temperature. This can prevent temperature differences. The air circulation mode should not be activated for too long. If the windshields are clean from the fog already, you can turn it off.

Turn On The Air Conditioner and Wiper

Turn On The Air Conditioner and Wiper

Fog doesn’t only occur when the outside temperature is lower than the inside of the car, but also the other way round. When it’s too hot outside and too cold inside, fog is bound to appear on the windshield. To eliminate this, you can reduce the AC speed.

If the air conditioner in the car is working properly, the temperature should immediately decrease. Lowering the air temperature automatically reduces the fog on the windshield. You can also use the wipers to wipe the fog. Make sure the wipers are in the slowest mode so they don’t disturb your vision.

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Open a Window

Open a Window

The quickest and easiest way to get rid of the fog is to open a window. The fog should disappear in no time and afterward, you can close the window again so that the AC can be activated properly and make it cooler inside.

Now that you are informed of these tips, foggy windshields should not be a problem while driving in the rainy season. Good luck and remember to always practice safe driving!

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