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6 Easy Steps to Earn A Driving License for A Newbie

9 March, 2021

Image 6 Easy Steps to Earn A Driving License for A Newbie

If you drive a car, you must know that a driving license (Surat Izin Mengemudi or “SIM” in Indonesian) is a mandatory document to drive. Although important, there are still some drivers who do not own a SIM. Currently, getting a driving license for beginners is easier, thanks to the online SIM service.

If you drive on the road without having a SIM, you will be ticketed following the government regulations stated in Law No.22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation. The penalty is a maximum of 4 months and a maximum fine of Rp1,000,000. Don’t you agree that getting your SIM would be worth it considering the sanctions?

The Cost of Getting A SIM A

The cost of getting a SIM A

To get a SIM A, the cost you need to prepare is Rp120,000 while the renewal fee is Rp80,000. This fee also applies to the creation and extension of SIM B, SIM B1, and SIM BII. It should be noted, however, that the fee doesn’t include a Health Certificate issued by a doctor.

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Prepare Your Documents

Prepare your Documents

The main requirements to apply for a SIM A, which is intended for a car drive, are at least 17 years of age and already have an ID card (Kartu Tanda Pengenal or “KTP”). For new applicants, you need to prepare a KTP and a health certificate issued by a doctor or community health center (Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat or “Puskesmas”) to show the applicant is in a physically and mentally healthy condition.

For foreign citizens (Warga Negara Asing or “WNA”) who want to make a SIM, you need to prepare immigration documents, such as a passport, a permanent resident permit card (Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetap or “KITAP”).

Foreigners who are employed or family of embassy employees have to prepare a passport, diplomatic visa, diplomatic membership card, and other identification.

Foreigners with teaching experts status, on the other hand, have to prepare a passport, a service visa, or a temporary residence permit (Kartu Izin Tinggal Sementara or “KITAS”). Finally, foreigners who do not reside within Indonesia must prepare a passport and a visit permit card (Kartu Izin Kunjungan).

Complete Your Personal Data

Complete your Personal Data

There are two options to apply for your SIM A. The first option is to come directly to the nearest SIM administrative unit (Satuan Penyelenggara Administrasi SIM or “Satpas”) and fill out the new SIM registration form according to the personal data listed on your KTP.

The completed registration form needs to be collected alongside the health certificate issued by either a doctor or a Puskesmas.

Besides coming directly to the nearest Satpas, you can also apply for an Online SIM service by visiting the Indonesian Police Traffic Corps (“Korlantas Polri”) and select the Online SIM Registration menu. Subsequently, you need to fill out your application data according to your KTP details.

In this form, you can also choose the date and location of arrival which you can adjust according to your preferred time and conditions. After the processes are complete, you will receive a proof of registration via an email.

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Complete The Administration Requirement

Complete The Administration Requirement

The next step is to settle the administrative costs. Applying for a SIM A costs Rp. 120,000 and you can pay for it directly at the payment counter.

For an online SIM application, you can complete your payment at ATMs, EDCs, or BRI tellers throughout Indonesia. Applying your SIM online shortens all administrative processes and avoids long and time-consuming queues when arranging your documents.

Pass The SIM A exam

Pass the SIM A exam

If you register through the nearest Satpas, you just need to wait for your name to be called and have your turn to take the written and practical exams. If you take the online route, you need to come to the location that you have specified and bring all the registry files for identification and data verification processes, which include photos, fingerprints, and signatures, before you are permitted to take the SIM exam.

The main requirement to get a SIM A is to pass the written and practical exams. A general SIM A applicant requires a simulator test, whereas an individual SIM A car applicant does not need it.

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Applicants who pass the exam, then, only need to wait for the SIM to be printed. If you don’t pass the exam, however, you can take a retest one week after the first one.

If you still fail your second test, you can attempt for another one within 14 days and 30 days until you pass. If you still fail and decide to give up, you can withdraw the payment that you have deposited.

For those of you who register for the SIM via an online website, you can come to a BRI office with proof of administrative combustion (Penerimaan Negara Bukan Pajak or “PNBP”) for SIM and a certificate of proof of not passing the SIM exam.

SIM Validity Period

SIM Validity Period

Following the applicable regulations in Article 11 Paragraph (1) Perkap, No 9 of 2012, the validity period of SIM A for cars is five years. Be careful to extend your SIM card before it is expired. If you are even one day late to renew it, you have to make a new SIM all over again.

SIM ownership is a mandatory license for all private car owners. You can choose which registration process is easier for you, taking into account all the steps informed above.

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