MVP Cars: Types and Functions

12 May, 2022
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Image MVP Cars: Types and Functions

The need for community mobility has been rising, thus triggering an increase in the need for vehicles such as cars. Various types of four-wheeled vehicles are also circulating in the market, one of the most popular types is the MPV car type.

This large body car has quite a lot of enthusiasts, especially among people who are already married. Why is this type of car so popular in society? What are the types and functions? See the following reviews for more info.

Pengertian Mobil MPV

Understanding MPV Cars

An MPV car is a type of car that has many enthusiasts in Indonesia so that its presence is quite dominant. The popularity of the car that is classified as a minibus cannot be separated from its flexible use.

MPV itself is an abbreviation of Multi Purpose Vehicle, referring to the versatile function it carries. Although it can be used for various needs, this car is more desirable to be used as a family car.

The shape and design of the MPV makes it suitable for carrying passengers and cargo. The average passenger capacity of MPV cars is 5 to 7 people. This large capacity can also be one of the reasons  why MPV cars are very popular in this country.

To load more goods, the rear seats of MPV cars can be folded so that more space is available. So in short, it can be concluded that the MPV car type is a vehicle that is designed to transport passengers and goods.

You can see one example of the best MPV car today, namely the Wuling New Confero. In line with what is described above, this car is equipped with a spacious cabin and luggage so that it is suitable for family needs.

Karakteristik Mobil MPV

MPV Car Characteristics

As we know that there are many types of cars on the market, one of the most popular is the MPV car. Well, to be able to distinguish the type of MPV from other types of cars, first know the characteristics of the following MPV cars.

1. Passenger Capacity

An MPV car is a vehicle designed for family needs. Not surprisingly, one of its characteristics is having a spacious cabin that can accommodate up to 7-8 passengers.

2. Machine Capacity

As a multifunctional family car, the average engine capacity of MPV cars is below 1500 cc. Unlike the SUV car which is designed to drive on extreme roads so that the engine capacity is equal to 1500 cc or above. MPV is indeed the type of vehicle that is more suitable for driving on flat roads.

3. Car Body

Because it is used to transport passengers and cargo, the MPV body design tends to be taller and wider so that the cabin inside is also more spacious. This characteristic is also an advantage of the Wuling New Confero, with the tagline “relief makes you happy”, bringing this car from China is very suitable to be a family vehicle.

4. Drive System

The next characteristic lies in the drive system. The majority of MPV types use a two-wheel drive system, be it front wheel drive or rear wheel drive.

5. Ground Clearance

Other MPV characteristics can be seen from the ground clearance aspect, aka the distance from the bottom of the car to the ground. This type of MPV car has a fairly high ground clearance, above 200 mm on average, making it possible to drive on road conditions that are not even.

Jenis-Jenis Mobil MPV

MPV Car Types

The MPV car itself is divided into several types, namely low, medium and premium. The following is an explanation of the types of MPV cars:

1. Low MPV

The Low MPV type is a category of MPV car with simpler features with a body that is not too big. However, this type is still able to accommodate daily transportation needs and is fuel efficient.

2. Medium MPV

Located one level above Low MPV, medium MPV is a category that has a larger body and more complete features than Low MPV. The price of this type of car is slightly more expensive than the Low MPV.

3. Premium MPV

For the MPV class, the premium MPV is the type of car that is at the top level. The body of the car in this category is larger with interior fittings that can be considered as VIP class.

Kelebihan Mobil MPV

Advantages of MPV Cars

In addition to being designed as a multifunctional vehicle, there are several advantages of the MPV type car compared to other types of cars, including:

1. Large Capacity

As a minibus class, this type of MPV car has a fairly large size. Of course this is intended to fulfill its function as a transport vehicle. Its dimensions can accommodate many passengers.

Like the Wuling New Confero, this type of MPV car can accommodate 8 people. Even the spacious cabin that it carries makes the passengers in the front row still comfortable. The distance between the rows of seats is relatively the same whether it is the second or third row.

Not only that, as a family vehicle, Wuling New Confero also has a cabin that is spacious enough to load luggage in the trunk of the car. It has enough space to accommodate your supplies during a trip with the family.

2. Eco-friendly Machine

Another advantage of the MPV car lies in the kitchen spur sector. Most types of MPV cars today carry engines that focus on the comfort side that are environmentally friendly with fuel efficiency that tends to be more economical.

3. Relatively Affordable Price

This one advantage may be one of the strong reasons why MPV cars are so popular in Indonesia, namely in the price line. The price tag is relatively below other types of cars for the same class.

Mobil MPV Kurang Cocok untuk Apa?

What are MPV Cars Not Suitable for?

MPV type cars can also be said to have several shortcomings, or rather the other side that is less suitable for use for certain needs or users. Here are some of them:

1. Relatively Small Machine Capacity

The first drawback lies in the engine, which the majority uses machines with standard specifications, even relatively small ones. For the Low MPV category in Indonesia, on average, it only carries engines between 1.5 liters to 1.8 liters.

But on the other hand, this may not be suitable to be called a deficiency. This type of car is designed for daily use in a city where the contours of the road are flat. In contrast to SUVs which are functionally for use on more extreme roads.

2. Not suitable for young people

Again, this is not entirely a drawback. Because the target market is as a family car, then by design MPV cars are not suitable for use by young people. There is no eye-catching grille, stylish body or other “very young” elements in this type of car.

Well, that's overall info on the types, functions, and advantages of MPV cars that you need to know. In essence, this very popular vehicle is intended as a multipurpose minibus that is suitable for use as a transport vehicle or a family car.

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