Car Fuel Filter: What It’s For and How To Clean It

10 July, 2023
6 minutes read

Image Car Fuel Filter: What It’s For and How To Clean It

The fuel filter does have a significant role because it can help maintain car performance. This part is essential, but many drivers still don't know about the fuel filter.

If you are negligent in maintaining your car's fuel filter, it will be detrimental to your own self. In general, the fuel filter is difficult to open, but it can still be cleaned to remove various dirt that has settled.

If the dirt accumulated is too bad, you should replace a new air filter because the dirt that has settled for too long will be tough to clean and usually takes a long time.

Car Fuel Filter Function

1. Filtering Dirt

Menyaring Kotoran

In general, the primary function of a car fuel filter is to filter out various impurities in the fuel. If there is no filtering process, it will undoubtedly cause various problems for the car.

Ensure you clean the dirt filter regularly so that the filter's cleanliness is well maintained. This process can be done at home because it is very simple. But if there is too much dirt, then you can take the car to the repair shop.

2. Filter Water Element In Fuel

Penyaring Elemen Air Dalam Bahan Bakar

The fuel filter also functions to filter out various water elements that are usually found in fuel. Fuel can mix with water, and the causes for the mixing can vary widely.

The presence of unfiltered water will certainly hinder the performance of the car. With the fuel filter, the risk of mixing fuel with other elements can be avoided and, of course, keeps the car's performance stable.

3. Tool To Lower The Speed ​​Of Fuel Flow

Alat Untuk Menurunkan Kecepatan Aliran Bahan Bakar

The fuel filter also functions to reduce the flow of fuel speed channeled to various parts or the combustion chamber. That way, the car can run stably in different road conditions.

With a decrease in the fuel flow, various harmful components and particles will not be channeled into the combustion chamber. If other parts or particles enter the combustion chamber, it will cause sediment at the bottom.

4. Preventing the Fuel Filter Not Clogging

Mencegah Saringan Bahan Bakar Tak Tersumbat

When the fuel filter becomes clogged, the resistance in the fuel flow will increase. If this happens, it will cause more fuel to enter the carburetor and waste fuel.

When the engine has high rotation, the car engine requires large amounts of fuel, making the engine power decrease due to the lack of fuel supply.

The fuel supply will be channeled from the fuel tank due to a blockage in the fuel filter. If you often run out of fuel in the engine area, it will clog the car filter.

How To Clean Car Fuel Filters

Cara Membersihkan Filter Bensin Mobil

In general, the cleanliness of fuel is essential to maintain because even a little dirt can make fuel flow obstructed, which will interfere with the working system of the fuel.

Dirt clogging in the filter also makes it difficult for the car to start due to clogged fuel flow. So, make sure you clean the fuel filter regularly.

You don't need to bother bringing your car to the repair shop because the process of cleaning dirt can be done very easily. At least there are several ways you can do to clean the fuel filter, so you can avoid sticking dirt.

1. Locate The Fuel Filter

Cari Letak Saringan Bahan Bakar

Before you enter the process of cleaning the fuel filter, make sure you know the fuel filter location first. The location of the fuel filter in each car usually varies, depending on the type of car.

The fuel filter flows into the carburetor or injection system. If it is correct, then you can reorder it to reach your car's filter. By knowing its location, you can carry out the following process.

2. Ensure No Fuel Is Exposed To The Spray

Pastikan Tidak Ada Bensin Yang Terkena Semprot

To perform maintenance on the car fuel filter, you can try to open the clamp in the fuel line and is usually at a distance of 4 inches at the exit and entry of the hose.

The clamps should also be tightened using a flat head screwdriver. Then you can close the hose by using a clamp, which will ensure that no fuel is sprayed or safe.

3. Prepare A Container Under The Filter

Siapkan Wadah di Bawah Filter

To clean the fuel filter, you can do this by preparing a container and placing it under the fuel filter. Then you can open the cap of the clamp, then attach the filter to the hose.

When opening and closing the clamp, you can pull the hose on the filter and let the fuel out. If you remove all the hoses, then let all the remaining fuel in them come out smoothly.

4. Start Cleaning the Fuel Filter

Mulai Bersihkan Filter Bensin

You can enter the stage of cleaning the filter on the car fuel. Please hold the fuel filter part and insert the hose into the inside. Then spray the fuel filter using a special liquid.

Please attach the nozzle to the spray section and insert it into the other end that leads into the filter and spray. Let everything come in and out of the bottle. You have to repeat this step from both ends.

5. Tapping Filter Surface

Menyadap Permukaan Filter

This method is enough to emphasize the filter, or you can also use a screwdriver by pressing on the handle. Make sure that you can properly tap all the circles on the fuel filter surface of the car.

6. Spray Again and Dry

Semprotkan Sekali Lagi dan Keringkan

Then you can spray again and can spray the fuel filter with a spray device. If it has been spread, make sure you dry the fuel filter for about an hour.

7. Install the Filter Back

Pasang Kembali

If you are sure that the fuel filter is clean, you can install the fuel filter to its original position. Make sure to install correctly so that the fuel filter can work optimally.

8. Replace the Filter If Needed

Ganti Filter Jika Diperlukan

If the fuel filter is in bad condition or damaged, you have to replace it with a new one. You can buy a new car petrol filter that is adjusted to the specifications of the car you have.

This is a complete review of the functions and step-by-step on how to clean your fuel filter. We hope this article is helpful for you, Wuling Family!

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