Wuling Formo S: Full Spec Vehicles for your Business and Family

10 November, 2021

Image Wuling Formo S: Full Spec Vehicles for your Business and Family

Wuling is a car manufacturer that has rapid development in the Indonesian market. Wuling has a high commitment to presenting various vehicles with good quality.

One of the newest cars that was launched is the Formo S. This car is carried to be the mainstay of the family vehicle as well as to support your business. Many latest features are embedded in this car.

Wuling Formo S Features

Fitur Wuling Formo S

1. New Front Grille

New Front Grille

New Front Grille is the newest feature applied in this car and its presence makes the car look more elegant. With this feature, the car becomes more manly and luxurious.

2. New Smoked Headlamp

New Smoked Headlamp

Formo S cars also use the New Smoked Headlamp feature, making the car's lighting system better and lasts longer. The presence of this feature makes the Formo S very comfortable to drive on at night.

3. Spacious Cabin Space

Ruang Kabin Lega

The dimension of the cabin space is also spacious, making this car able to carry a lot of items in the rear cabin. Not only can it be used as a family car, but this car can also support all types of businesses.

4. Passenger Capacity Options

Pilihan Kapasitas Penumpang

The Wuling Formo S is a car that has been supported by a flexible seater feature, so that the seat can be adjusted to the needs of families and businesses. You can use the 5 seater feature to carry a lot of stuff in the rear cabin or an 8 seater to accommodate 8 passengers at once. Formo S cars are also equipped with comfortable seats up to the third row seats.

5. Meter Cluster

Meter Cluster

The Meter Cluster feature in the Formo S car is equipped with Multi Information Design or MID. This feature is presented with a very informative combination of digital and analog displays.

6. Audio Head Unit

Audio Head Unit

The Audio Head Unit has been equipped with a USB Player, so you can listen to music that has been stored on the flash drive. It is located in the front cabin with a very minimalist shape.

7. Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner is one of the basic car features needed as it can prevent the driver from overheating. This feature is very important, especially in areas with hot weather like Jakarta.

8. High Ground Clearance

Ground Clearance Tinggi

Through a high Ground Clearance, this car is very safe to pass through various road terrain. The Formo S car also has a quiet cabin space with very minimal vibration even though it is going through poor road conditions.

9. Seatbelt For All Rows

Seatbelt For All Rows

Wuling Formo S car seat belts are available in all rows and will ensure the safety of every passenger. Seat belts are an important feature that must be owned by a car, because it can increase safety while driving.

10. Front Row Safety Belt Reminder

Front Row Safety Belt Reminder

The safety belt reminder system will turn off and display a reminder when it detects a seat belt not worn properly. Therefore, you can easily find out whether the seat belt installations have been properly done.

11. Fuel Tank Opener

Fuel Tank Opener

The fuel tank opener is a button placed close to the steering wheel. It can be used to open the gas tank cover automatically, so you don't have to get out of the car when filling gas.

12. Power Windows

Power Windows

Power Windows is a feature that can let you control electric windows automatically and easily. By using this feature, the driver can adjust the window position as desired or as needed,

13. Central Door Lock

Central Door Lock

Central Door Lock is a feature that helps the door lock system automatically and its settings can be accessed from the driver's lever. With this automatic locking system, the Formo S car is safe to drive anywhere.

Wuling Formo S vs the Previous Formo Version

Wuling Formo S vs Formo Versi Lama

The latest Wuling Formo S car was launched by carrying the mainstay of family and business. The striking difference between the new Formo S and the old one can be seen from the spacious cabin. The latest Formo S car has a wider cabin space compared to the old version of the Formo S.

Formo S is also equipped with various super complete entertainment features and several entertainment features that were not present previously, such as Multi Information Display and Electric Power Window.

Fewer interior features are applied to the old Formo compared to the new Formo S. Not only is the quality of the seats getting better, but the various details are arranged in a more modern and elegant way, so that the driver can feel comfortable in the car.

With the many features of the Formo S that are very modern and comfortable, this car is highly recommended for young families or for supporting businesses for small and medium entrepreneurs.

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