Car Parking Sensors: Types, Functions, and Maintenance

23 May, 2022

Image Car Parking Sensors: Types, Functions, and Maintenance

To make it easier for car users to park, many car manufacturers have started embedding a parking sensor feature. This technology is very useful to ease parking experience because it will alert you if there are objects or other cars behind you.

It is undeniable that the latest cars have been equipped with various advanced technologies and innovations for the sake of safety, comfort and convenience for its users. One example is parking sensor technology which is in great demand by car owners.

So what exactly is the parking sensor technology in the car? For a full review of what a parking sensor is, its types and how it works, let's see the following article.

Pengertian Sensor Parkir

Understanding Parking Sensors

The car parking sensor or also known as the reverse sensor is an electronic device that is usually installed on the back of the car. This tool is useful for detecting the back of the car if there is a car or object approaching so that it can stop before touching or hitting the object.

In ancient times, this technology may only be found in luxury cars. However, at this time, almost all the latest cars are equipped with parking sensor technology which is usually installed on the rear bumper of the car.

Parking sensors are generally in the form of infrared sensors that work with ultrasonic wave sensors. The signal emitted will be captured by the sensor and then conveyed to the driver through sound or light on the LCD monitor on the dashboard.

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Parking Sensor Type

As explained above, the reverse parking sensor serves to provide a warning when it detects a car or object behind when the car wants to reverse or park. The warning given is usually in the form of the sound alarm to the user.

Currently, there are two types of parking sensors commonly used in cars. The two types are electromagnetic parking sensors and ultrasonic parking sensors.

Electromagnetic Parking Sensor

1. Electromagnetic Parking Sensor

Electromagnetic parking sensor is a type of parking sensor commonly used for the latest cars. This type of parking sensor works by relying on electromagnetic waves emitted from the sensor in a blanket-like shape. This sensor will detect objects or cars that may be in contact with your car body.

Ultrasonic Parking Sensor

2. Ultrasonic Parking Sensor

This type of parking sensor is usually installed on the rear bumper of the car by relying on 4 to 6 sensors. The way this reverse sensor works is to use ultrasonic wave emission where when it detects a foreign object, the ultrasonic wave will be reflected if the object is within the reflection distance of the ultrasonic sensor.

The way these two types of parking sensors work is actually almost the same. The difference is in the types of waves emitted, namely Electromagnetic waves and Ultrasonic waves. When the transmission is in R gear or the car is in reverse, the parking sensor will be activated automatically.

Fungsi Sensor Parkir Mobil

Car Parking Sensor Function

As the name suggests, the parking sensor serves to provide a warning when an object or car is approaching from behind the car. This sensor is usually located on the front and rear bumpers of the car.

Another function of this parking sensor technology is to prevent collisions with objects around the car. This sensor will give a signal to the driver in the form of a sound that will get louder when the car approaches objects around it.

In general, the parking sensor alarm will sound at a distance of 1.5 meters. At a distance of 0.5 meters or less, the sensor will sound louder to alert the driver. The goal is that the driver can be more careful and able to avoid a collision with the object.

Parking sensors are also very useful for drivers who have less sensitivity to the distance around them, especially when they want to park in tight spaces. With this technology, it will be easier for the driver to park the car in a dark or narrow place.

Currently, parking sensor technology is also more sophisticated and safe even for novice drivers. One example is the parking sensor technology at Wuling New Cortez which is equipped with a rear parking camera feature with steering guidelines where there are optimal sensors to ensure a more optimal parking process.

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How Car Parking Sensors Work

The way parking sensors work is basically quite simple. Sensors located on the rear bumper of this car will be in charge of detecting the distance between the rear bumper of the car and objects or objects that block when parking the car. The parking sensor itself consists of a circuit that is divided into two parts. One part is called the transmitter and the other part is called the receiver.

The way this sensor works is that the transmitter will send ultrasonic waves when these waves are reflected back by objects around the car. Furthermore, this reflection will be received and issued again in the form of sound which becomes a warning to the driver. Parking sensors can detect objects from a distance of 1.5 meters. However, its accuracy depends on the placement and number of sensors installed on the car.

Perawatan Sensor Mobil

Car Sensor Maintenance

In order for the parking sensor on your car to function optimally, it needs to be properly cared for. To care for car sensors, there are several things you need to pay attention to, including:

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1. Keep it clean

One way to ensure that the car parking sensors are functioning properly is to always keep them clean. If the car sensor is covered in dust or dirt, the sensor will be hampered when carrying out its duties in detecting objects behind the car when parking.

Cleaning the parking sensor is quite easy. You only need to spray it with water and then wipe it clean to remove the dirt that covers it. Make sure you use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the camera sensor.

Jangan dicat

2. Do not paint

When making car modifications, car owners sometimes don't realize they are painting the parking sensor camera on the bumper of the car. Errors like this need to be avoided because they can interfere with the performance of car sensors.

In this type of parking sensor with ultrasonic waves, if the sensor is painted, it can cause damage to the wave mechanism. This certainly makes the workings of the parking sensors not optimal to help the driver when parking the car.

Almost all types of the latest cars are currently equipped with parking sensor technology. One example is the New Cortez car which is equipped with a rear parking camera feature with steering guidelines. This feature uses optimal sensors that will ensure you can park more safely and comfortably.

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