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Bumpers On Cars: Why Are They Important?

10 June, 2021

Image Bumpers On Cars: Why Are They Important?

A car bumper is one component that is usually installed on the front or rear. But some are installed on the side because they help protect the car body so that it is safer to get hit.

In the past, car bumpers were only made to dampen an impact. However, now they have been developed into car protectors with a very significant role. With the bumper, the driver will be safer in driving the car.

Understanding Car Bumpers

Pengertian Bumper MobilA bumper is a part of a car with hinges or is built-in and usually placed at the front or back. Bumpers are often placed at various extreme points of a car, be it at the front or rear.

Bumper shape and placement are very dependent on the design ideas of an automaker. Visually, the bumper will form a unity with the whole car. Bumpers can make the car look more stylish and elegant.

Many drivers still think that the bumper is just a decorative element in a car. But, unfortunately, its role is not good enough to make many drivers remove the bumper to become a standard version of the car.

Contrary to popular opinion, however, bumpers with decorative properties play a secondary role, intentionally designed for pedestrian safety. The hinged structure in the bumper can prevent various car parts damage.

The modern bumper is designed to be a durable element because it is designed to absorb multiple impacts. Although often explosive and can be broken into small pieces, the bumper is designed to extinguish kinetic energy in the event of a collision.

Car Bumper Functions

In addition to functioning as external security, car bumpers also have several additional functions, so some models are called the front end. There are several functions of the bumper that are very useful for a car.

1. Avoid Serious Injury

Menghindari Cedera Serius

The car bumper serves to protect pedestrians from getting severe injuries in an accidental collision. As a result, many manufacturers install car bumpers with rigid materials equipped with rubber pads so that the level of bumper stiffness becomes more optimal.

2. Safety Standards After Minor Collision

Standar Keamanan Usai Tabrakan Kecil

Older cars mostly used bumpers made of metal, making it easier for the bumper to change shape due to its impact. However, metal material makes car bumpers more dangerous for pedestrians in the event of a collision.

3. Improve Car Aerodynamics

Meningkatkan Aerodinamis Mobil

The modern bumper is made with a cool appearance in mind, making the car look more aerodynamic. There have been many car bumpers whose edges are folded to the rear to maintain downforce.

4. To Install the Parktronic Sensor

Untuk Pasang Sensor Parktronic

Parktronic sensors can be mounted on the bumper. The role of Parktronic sensors is critical in a car because they can help drivers when parking. At least four sensors are usually installed on the rear bumper so that the distance from other vehicles can be appropriately maintained.

5. To Install the Fog Lights

Untuk Memasang Lampu Kabut

The bumper of the car also serves as a place to install fog lights. The presence of fog lights is beneficial in foggy or rainy road conditions. With fog lights, you can still drive safely even if the weather conditions are not good.

Wuling family, this is a complete discussion of the meaning and function of a car bumper. Hopefully, it can add insight into the importance of bumpers on cars when driving.

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