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Understanding Car Alloy Wheels

7 July, 2021

Image Understanding Car Alloy Wheels

Wheels are one of the car components that have a very important role, because they can influence car performance and can make the car look cooler. Until now, alloy wheels and tin wheels are the 2 most popular types of car wheels among Indonesian consumers.

How to recognize them is usually distinguished by differences in color, shape and design. Read the details below.

Quick Overview of Cars’ Alloy Wheels

Apa Itu Velg Alloy Mobil & Kelebihannya?

Many automotive manufacturers use steel rims for their cars, because they are at lower cost. However, the trend of using steel rims has begun to shift, because many manufacturers started using alloy wheels to support their new cars. There are manufacturers who make alloy wheels as a quality standard and some are offered as equipment for operations.

In general, an alloy is a combination of 2 or more elements, one of which is a metal and usually produces a metallic property. Alloy is commonly used to make the car better than its constituent components.

Alloy wheels usually provide very good acceleration compared to steel rims, because they are of  lighter weight. The car can also go faster and more controlled.

Advantages of Alloy Wheels Compared to Other Types

1. Light Unsprung Part

Bagian Unsprung Ringan

The main advantage of using alloy wheels is that they have a lighter unsprung when compared to steel rims. This is closely related to the weight of tires, bearings, wheels and brakes on the car. By using a lightweight unsprung, the car can maintain its contact with the road.

If the unsprung weight decreases, the car’s suspension can react more quickly and can improve maximum traction or friction. Usually it will be produced from 2 surfaces without experiencing a slip condition.

2. Lighten Moving Spare Parts

Ringankan Sparepart yang Bergerak

Moving spare parts are very important to pay attention to. It’s important to aim for light weight components. Using alloy wheels will usually lighten the moving spare parts, so the car’s performance can be more stable when driving.

Alloy wheels will also make the vehicle have a lighter overall weight and will ultimately result in fuel efficiency. It will also improve the car’s performance in terms of braking and acceleration.

3. Maximum Braking

Pengereman yang Maksimal

Alloy wheels can make vehicle scratches lighter and can help in improving the car’s brake performance, although weight is not the only factor that affects brake performance.

Alloy wheels are very effective at reducing heat compared to steel rims, because the composition of steel rims is able to conduct heat. With lighter braking, the failure of the braking process becomes smaller and thereby can keep the car safe on the road.

4. Wide Choice of Tires

Pilihan Ban yang Banyak

If you have a car that uses alloy wheels, then you don’t have to worry about the choice of tires to use. Alloy wheels are suitable for various types of tires, so it is very convenient. Alloy wheels can improve steering response very well and can reduce distortion nicely.

Not only that, the use of wider tires will also reduce rolling resistance which can lead to fuel efficiency and will make acceleration easier. Alloy wheels can also allow drivers to adjust the car to the braking system, so they can drive more safely.

That is a complete overview of alloy wheels that hopefully can be useful for you!

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