What You Need to Know about Car Immobilizer Technology

26 October, 2022

Image What You Need to Know about Car Immobilizer Technology

Currently, many vehicles are equipped with a car immobilizer system to prevent theft. This is an anti-theft system that can prevent the vehicle's engine from starting when it is paired with an inappropriate ignition key.

It is undeniable that cases of vehicle theft are increasingly common. Many vehicle owners currently choose to use a car immobilizer system to prevent this. In this way, the vehicle engine can only be started with the appropriate ignition key.

Pengertian Immobilizer

What is Immobilizer?

An immobilizer is an anti-theft mechanism that prevents the engine from starting due to an improper ignition key. This system works by utilizing variations of radio waves as a key identity on the vehicle.

By using this system, there is only one ignition key that can be used to start the vehicle engine. Even when the key pattern is the same or similar keys can enter the ignition keyhole, the vehicle engine will still not be able to start.

2. Fungsi Immobilizer pada Mobil 1000x569

Immobilizer Function on Car

The function or use of the immobilizer key is to prevent unwanted things from happening to the vehicle, such as theft. This system works by detecting the radio that is installed in the keyhole so that when the received radio wave does not match, it will not be able to turn on.

An immobilizer is considered the most secure feature to prevent vehicle theft. If you experience a malfunction of this system, you can use a manual key so that the car can still be used.

Komponen Immobilizer

Immobilizer Components

In order for the immobilizer function to work optimally, there are several important components that work together with each other. Here are some of the main components of an immobilizer that you need to know.

1. Transmitter

A transmitter is a component that serves to send radio waves with a certain frequency, to the control module.

2. Transponder

This component serves to receive radio wave signals that have been sent to the control module so that it can be identified.

3. Theft Different System

One of the components of this immobilizer key functions to manage the received radio waves based on the identification of the transponder. Furthermore, this component will activate or deactivate the ignition system circuit and fuel pump relay.

Cara Kerja Immobilizer Mobil

How Car Immobilizer Works

The immobilizer system starts when the ignition key is inserted into the ignition key hole. Furthermore, the transmitter will directly send radio waves to the theft of different system components, then the waves will be received and identified by the transponder.

If the transmitted frequency is appropriate and is not part of a suspicious action, the transponder will send data to the engine control module. After that, the ignition system circuit becomes active and is able to turn on the fuel pump relay.

Afterwards, the ignition has been connected and recognized by the car ECU. When the driver turns the ignition to the engine start position, the engine will start and can be driven immediately.

If the radio waves sent from the workings of this car immobilizer do not match, then the identity of the ignition key will not be recognized by the ECU. This will make the ECU block the flow of current to the fuel pump relay ignition system so that when the ignition is turned to the engine start position, the engine will not start.

Kelebihan dan Kekurangan Immobilizer

Immobilizer Advantages and Disadvantages

The use of a car immobilizer system is indeed able to prevent the risk of vehicle theft. However, you need to know that this system also has drawbacks. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the immobilizer system that you need to know.


The immobilizer system is very useful for maintaining the safety of the car so that you can feel safer when leaving the vehicle for a long time. The function of this system will be maximized if you activate the smart key feature. With this feature, you can control the vehicle remotely so that it is more practical and safe.


Although it can provide more protection to the vehicle, the use of this system has drawbacks that make you need to understand it so that it is used optimally. Some of the shortcomings of the immobilizer system are that if your car is modified it will interfere with the immobilizer system, because of system changes that can interfere with the electrical system and components in it. In addition, this system has a chip code that is valid for 5 years of use, so you must replace it before that period.

Equipping a vehicle with a sophisticated security system can indeed provide better protection. Currently, there are many new cars that have been embedded with car immobilizer technology, such as the New Cortez. This family car has been equipped with an anti-theft system that is able to prevent the risk of theft and loss of goods in the car.

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