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Car Servicing 101: Different Types, Intervals, and Costs

20 October, 2020

Image Car Servicing 101: Different Types, Intervals, and Costs

As a car owner, you need to know not only how to drive but also how to properly maintain it. Car servicing is maintenance that is carried out within a predetermined period, or after the car has traveled a certain distance.

Each car manufacturer, including Wuling, has determined service intervals by providing maintenance schedule recommendations. All this is aimed to ensure safe and comfortable driving for all Wuling Family, every time and everywhere you go.

Car servicing is often referred to as a tune-up, but the two refer to two different things. Car servicing is a periodic check on car spare parts, such as injection systems, fluids, air filters, and instruments, such as lights or clutches, as well as the regular brakes checking without dismantling. The goal is to ensure that everything is working properly and no problem occurs.

Meanwhile, a tune-up is an advanced service with more job variations to ensure that engine performance is at its best. Usually, a car that is not properly maintained will experience a decrease in performance. To restore its performance, a tune-up is therefore required. Another difference is in terms of time and costs which are higher than a regular car service.

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Different Types of Car Servicing

Different Types of Car Servicing

There are several types of periodic car servicing depending on the type of work. Below we provide information about the different types so that you can understand better about them before deciding which one you would like to get for your car.

1000 KM Periodic Car Servicing

This type of service is usually conducted for a newly purchased car. The service includes a thorough check of body and chasing, engine cooling system, engine oil, power steering, and transmission brakes. This service is very necessary considering the car just came out of the dealer and the authorized repair shop will check whether all of the engine parts are working properly without any problems.

Basic Servicing

This service is carried out after your car either reaches a distance of 30,000 KM or the first 1 year, depending on which one comes faster. At this stage, basic servicing performed will include oil and oil filter changes, along with an inspection of the main components of the car, including, among others, lights, tires, and windshield wipers.

In addition, all moving components will be lubricated, brake fluid and other fluid types will be filled up. Lastly, a thorough inspection to check for fluid leaks is also performed.

Immediate Servicing

This service is carried out after the car has reached a distance of 20,000 KM. At this stage, the service carried out will include replacement of air filters, fuel filters, spark plugs, and checking of brakes, wheel bearings, suspension, electrical components, air conditioning, and radiators.

Advanced Servicing

Advance servicing is carried out after the car has traveled the next 24,000 KM. It is not uncommon for a car at this stage to get a tune-up to restore decreased engine performance.

Thorough maintenance will also be carried out to diagnose spark plug, check engine oil, compressor, air filter, and canister system. If there are damaged or worn-out components, a replacement will be immediately carried out so that the car’s performance returns to its optimal condition.

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Service Fee

Service Fee

The amount of service costs that must be incurred for each periodic servicing is not the same as one another. Some factors also play a role to decrease or increase the cost, such as fuel prices, economic conditions, government policies, the exchange rate of the Rupiah, and others.

Although there may be differences, the following is an estimate of the cost of periodic servicing.

  • The 1000 KM periodic servicing is generally still free
  • Basic servicing is free for purchasing Wuling cars (all types) for up to 50,000 KM or 4 years (depending on which one is applicable first), however, in general, this servicing ranges from IDR 400,000 – IDR 600,000
  • Medium servicing is free for purchasing Wuling cars (all types) for up to 50,000 KM or 4 years (depending on which one is applicable first), however, in general, this servicing ranges from IDR 1,000,000 – IDR 1,200,000
  • Advanced servicing, in general, can cost from IDR 2,600,000 up to IDR 3,000,000

Wuling Family, the price above is an estimate for car servicing at our official repair shops. To find out the exact cost for your service, we encourage you to contact the Wuling dealer in your city and always check the Wuling car manual book to find out the car’s periodic maintenance schedule.

Wuling also makes it easier for users by providing the MyWuling+ mobile application where you can receive information about Wuling at the tip of your fingers.

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