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How To Choose Affordable and Comfortable Family Car

14 December, 2021

Image How To Choose Affordable and Comfortable Family Car

When you are trying to choose the right family car, there will be some considerations to think about. Not only the quality, but the price point is also often a matter of debate. To help with your decision making, we will show you several aspects that you can take into account in order to get a good quality car for your family.

Perhatikan Kenyamanan Saat Berkendara

1. Pay Attention To Comfort While Driving

To choose a family car, it is very important to pay attention to the comfort element. By using a comfortable car, you can drive for a long time without ever feeling bored. A comfortable car will also make family members feel calm during the trip.

One thing that must be considered when choosing a family car is the entertainment feature. Cortez CT is equipped with Advanced 8 features that present a compact entertainment system that you can enjoy using the touch screen technology.

In addition, Cortez CT is also equipped with 4 speakers and 2 clear tweeters. Audio control buttons and phone call features via bluetooth are installed on the steering wheel, making it very functional and handy. With this convenience, you can always drive comfortably in the midst of your hectic daily activities.

Fitur-Fitur yang Praktis

2. Practical Features

A quality car will make you feel comfortable thanks to its various features. Cortez CT is equipped with an engine start/stop button that will make it easy for you to start the engine and adjust the steering height to help provide ideal driver’s posture, thereby making driving a lot easier.

In addition, Cortez CT is also equipped with Keyless Entry, Remote Open Windows and Trunk features, and Anti-Thefts System. You also don’t need to run out of smartphone batteries in the middle of the road because Cortez CT has provided a USB Power Outlet in the front row.

Perawatan Mudah dan Kabin Lega

3. Easy Maintenance and Spacious Cabin

Cortez CT Type is an MPV class with quite affordable price. One of its excellent features is the Captain Seat configuration that comes in synthetic leather upholstery.

The configuration of the Captain Seat seat provides more space in the middle section because of the free space. This is a distinct advantage for drivers and passengers to access the rear seats in the third row.

Passengers who want to sit in the third seat, do not need to bother folding the seats in the second row thanks to the Captain Seat configuration. You can easily walk towards the back row through the empty space in the middle.

The synthetic leather seats on Cortez CT also give the impression of luxury and comfort when driving. The advantage of this seat is that it is easy to clean, so cleaning seats from dirt will be effortless.

Fitur Keselamatan Mobil

4. Car Safety Features

Cortez, which is one of the Wuling variants, already uses the Hill Start Assist feature. With this feature, Wuling Cortez users will be safer and more comfortable during driving.

Hill Start Assist is a feature of the car that works to hold the car while on an incline or often referred to as the anti-reverse feature. With this feature, the car will automatically detect an incline road and the direction of the wheel rotation simultaneously, even if it occurs slowly.

Not only that, if the car is also supported by the Rear Parking Camera and Front Rear Parking Sensor features, it will be very easy for you to park the car. With these two important features you can find out what is around the car, thus preventing you from crashing while parking the car.

Other safety features found on this Cortez CT are ABS brakes and Electronic Stability Control which will prevent you from slipping car tires. Cortez CT is also equipped with Dual SRS Front and Side Airbags, car key immobilizer, Isofix, and All-seat Safety Belt Indicator.

With its various features, Cortez CT is your best choice in choosing an affordable and comfortable car for the family. So what are you waiting for? Start your test drive now!

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