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How To Safely Make A U-Turn

9 April, 2020

Image How To Safely Make A U-Turn

Making a U-turn is one of the basics that the drivers should master. A U-turn means turning your vehicle 180 degrees in the opposite direction.

Although It may seem easy, not all drivers can do it properly. When the basics have not mastered properly, some drivers can miss the right distance, so they need to go back and forth repeatedly. This situation is not only dangerous but also hinder other drivers behind or from the opposite direction. To know how to execute a U-turn safely, check out the explanation below.

Make Sure That U-Turns Are Not Prohibited

Pastikan Jalan Tersebut Memang Tempat Putar Balik

You should not careless in executing a U-turn, especially when you drive a car. Generally, U-turns are allowed when there is a road sign of inverted “U” without any cross in the middle. If you see the road sign, that means you can make a U-turn without breaking any traffic rules.

In practice, some drivers who do not hesitate to make a U-turn on roads where it is not allowed. Not only is this violating the traffic rule, but this action can put other road users in danger.

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Check The Traffic Around

Cek Lalu Lintas Sekitar

Before you make a U-turn, pay attention to the condition of the surrounding road. If it’s busy, you should be patient until the road is loose from other drivers. Do not forget to drive the car close to the turning point so that it is not too far and difficult for you.

Turn On The Turn Signal

Nyalakan Lampu Sein

This is the most crucial step before making a turn. Oftentimes, drivers forget to turn on the signal. Keep in mind that turning on the signal is important to let know the drivers behind, so they know you are about to turn around.

Pay attention to the turn signal light on your MID screen. Make sure the sign that is on is in accord with the direction you are taking. It is not rare to find some drivers unaware to turn on the left one when instead, they are making a right turn.

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Make Sure There Is Enough Room To Turn Around

Pastikan Ruang untuk Putar Balik Cukup

Before making a U-turn, make sure there is enough free space. For example, when you are going to make a right U-turn, you can take up a little space on the left side of the road, then try to make a U-turn to the right, and vice versa. Otherwise, if the room is small, you can steer the vehicle close to the turning point, drive backward, and then make the turn if you think you already have enough free space.

Also, pay attention to the road in the opposite direction. Be sure that the road is empty, and then you can continue to drive forward. Do not force to keep driving when the road condition is busy as it can put everyone involved in danger.

The main key when making a U-turn is to carefully pay attention to the right, left, and center mirrors. By looking at the mirror properly, you can estimate when is the right time to execute a U-turn.

Indeed, making a U-turn is easier and more comfortable when the car is equipped with an Electric Outer Mirror with Side View Camera, as featured in Wuling Almaz. The technology in this SUV is very helpful for drivers to decrease the risk of accidents when making a U-turn. This feature is also beneficial to help new drivers to drive smoothly so that security and safety have ensured.

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