Passed Smoothly! Learn the Important Car Driver’s License Test

30 November, 2023
10 minutes read

Image Passed Smoothly! Learn the Important Car Driver’s License Test

In Indonesia, a driving license (SIM) A is proof of identity and one of the main qualifications for every car driver. To obtain this document, you need to succeed in the practical exam and theory test for SIM A. Apart from that, you must also meet the physical and mental health requirements to meet the requirements for granting a driving license.

However, in the process of making and processing a SIM at Samsat, quite a few applicants fail. Some of them were declared not to have passed the theory or practical exam. The reason behind this failure is not because of incompetence but because of a lack of understanding of the material being tested.

As reported by Liputan 6, Police Commissioner Djati Utomo, Head of the National Police Traffic Corps SIM Sub-Directorate, explained that the majority of people who fail to get a SIM are not due to incompetence. This is due to a lack of preparation with driving knowledge and a lack of preparation both physically and spiritually before taking the driver's license test.

This article explains in more depth the importance of SIM A as proof of registration provided by the Indonesian National Police (Polri). Apart from that, it also explains how to pass the SIM A test, both practical and theoretical, without brokers.

Why is SIM A Important?

SIM A is a type of permit for passenger car users and individual goods weighing no more than 3,500 kg. Not just an ordinary piece of paper, this document is the key for every driver who wants to drive a car legally. By having a SIM A, you not only demonstrate your driving skills, but also ensure that you have met administrative requirements, physical and mental health, and understanding of traffic regulations.

Please note that the obligation to have a SIM is regulated in Law (UU) Article 77, paragraph 1, no. 22, of 2009 concerning road traffic and transportation. It is expressly stated that every individual who drives a motorized vehicle on the road is required to have a driver's license appropriate to the type of vehicle being driven. A driver's license is not only a legal obligation; it is also a guarantee that each driver has undergone rigorous qualification tests.

Please note that the cost of making and extending a SIM has been regulated in Government Regulation (PP) Number 60 of 2016 concerning Types and Tariffs for Non-Tax State Revenue. For detailed costs, making a SIM A is set at IDR 120,000. Meanwhile, extending SIM A costs IDR 80,000.

For your information, starting January 2023, the cost of obtaining a SIM (driving license) at Satpas will no longer include psychological and health tests. SIM applicants will only be charged a fee in accordance with Government Regulation Number 76 of 2020 concerning Types and Tariffs for Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP), which apply to the National Police.

Previously, health tests and psychological tests were one package in driving license testing at Satpas. However, via telegram number ST/2387/X/YAN.1.1./2022, which was issued on October 31, 2022, it was stated that there were directions to avoid illegal levies (extortion). One step to avoid extortion is to eliminate the costs of making a new SIM, which previously included psychological tests and health tests.

Materi Ujian Praktik SIM A

SIM A Practice Exam Material

If you plan to get a driver's license, you can study the theoretical material for the driver's license exam through the official Korlantas guide on the website. Meanwhile, for the SIM A practice test, you can study the National Police Chief's Regulation Number 9 of 2019.

According to the attachment to the Regulation of the Chief of the Indonesian National Police Number 9 of 2012 concerning SIM, there are four main points that are mandatory requirements to be declared passed. The following is the practical exam material for Driving License (SIM) A:

1. Test a Motorized Car Forward and Backward for 50 Meters in a Narrow Lane.

  • It is mandatory to use a seat belt before starting the test vehicle.
  • Go forward and backward on narrow lanes, with the vehicle width being increased by 60 centimeters.
  • There are start and finish lines, and a mistake in touching or dropping a peg is a failure assessment.

2. Forward and Backward Slalom/ Zigzag Test

  • Participants must use a seat belt before driving the test vehicle.
  • Drive the test vehicle past the stakes a certain distance without touching or dropping the stakes.
  • The distance between the stakes is 1.5 times the length of the vehicle.
  • Mistakes in touching or dropping the stakes are failure criteria.

3. Parallel and Series Parking Test

  • It is mandatory to use a seat belt before starting the test vehicle.
  • Park the test motorized vehicle in a limited area under certain conditions.
  • Involves parallel and series parking with a predetermined number of stakes.
  • Mistakes in touching or dropping the stakes can result in failure in the exam. Parallel and Series Parking Test

4. Test Driving Ranmor Stops on Uphills and Downhills

  • It is mandatory to use a seat belt before starting the test vehicle.
  • It involves driving on an incline at a certain angle and braking.
  • On flat and downhill roads, the test includes braking, stopping at a stop line sign, and continuing the journey.
  • Mistakes such as touching or dropping pegs, engine stalling, or throttle instability can cause failure.

5. Braking Test

The final stage in the SIM A test is the braking test, which aims to confirm the level of safety when the applicant drives a motorized vehicle at a stable speed, usually in second or third gear. This procedure involves several key steps:

  • You will be asked to brake when the vehicle is on the yellow line or around certain benchmarks.
  • After braking, the applicant needs to release the brake when the vehicle reaches the peg or green line, according to the instructions provided.
  • The final stage involves vehicle movement. According to the instructions given by the test officer, you are expected to turn.

Conditions for Passing the SIM A Exam

In the SIM A exam process, there are several provisions that must be considered to ensure passing. The following are the key points regarding the conditions for passing the SIM A exam:

1. Vehicle Checking

You must check the vehicle in accordance with the applicable testing provisions.

2. Practice Exam

  • As a test-taker, you are not allowed to touch or drop one or more pegs during the practical exam.
  • On the test material backwards on a narrow path, you must run it without looking back, but rather looking through the rearview mirror of the test motor vehicle.

3. Uphill Test

  • In the uphill test, the test motor vehicle must stop by pressing the foot brake at the same time as the clutch pedal at the stop line.
  • After that, neutralize the gear and pull the handbrake.
  • You will be instructed to continue driving, and the test vehicle must not reverse or stall the engine. Failure will be declared if a reverse occurs or the engine stalls.

4. Repeat Chance

  • Each examinee is given the opportunity to retake twice before being declared disqualified.

By understanding and complying with these provisions, examinees have a better chance of achieving a pass on the SIM A exam.

Cara Membuat SIM A Online

How to Make a SIM A Online

The process of making a SIM A can also be done online. This provides convenience and better practice than offline methods. However, making an online SIM still requires physical presence at SATPAS during the practical test. How to? Here's the guide:

  1. Download and install the POLRI Traffic Corps Digital application from the Play Store or App Store.
  2. Register an account using your cellphone number. Make sure to fill in the requested data correctly.
  3. Verify your email and E-KTP to complete the registration process.
  4. Open the SIM menu on the POLRI Traffic Corps Digital application. Select the SIM registration option.
  5. Fill in the required data according to the instructions in the application.
  6. Make payments for SIM registration according to the instructions in the application.
  7. Then, take the SIM A theory test online via the application.
  8. If you pass the theory exam, set a date to take the practical exam at the selected SATPAS.
  9. After successfully passing the practical exam, you can get your driver's license at SATPAS.

By following this guide, you can create a SIM online more easily and efficiently. Make sure to comply with every instruction and requirement stated in the POLRI Traffic Corps Digital application.

Tips for Passing the SIM A Exam Without Brokers

Car SIM Test questions in Indonesia are often considered scary or even difficult by some people. So it's not surprising that some people end up choosing shortcuts with the help of brokers. Interestingly, the results of the analysis from the British car financing company Zuto provide a different view.

According to Zuto, theory and practical exams in Indonesia are still relatively easy. In comparison with other countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, China, Japan, Australia, and France, the practical driving license exam in Indonesia turns out to be easier.

Even so, sometimes many participants fail when taking practice exams because they make several mistakes. So, to prevent and reduce these mistakes, check out these tips for passing the SIM A test without brokers.

  • Practice with Exam Simulation

Get used to practicing using exam simulations via the official Korlantas Polri website. There are 174 examples of Smart SIM exam questions that can be answered.

The questions on the Korlantas website help you understand the types of questions that may arise, especially regarding driving rules and traffic signs. Identify questions about how to drive in various situations, such as passing certain signs.

  • Skilled at Driving a Car

You need more than just driving skills. Understand the buttons and features of the car well, including the location of airbags, how to use seat belts, and knowledge of turn signals.

Apart from that, it is necessary to understand the function of each light and car component to help you drive well and keep other drivers safe.

  • Always Use Rear-View Mirrors.

Rearview mirrors are a crucial element in driving safety. Always pay attention to the rearview mirror when turning or overtaking to avoid the risk of an accident. The reason is that the habit of paying attention to the rearview mirror reflects a high level of alertness, protecting you and other drivers from dangerous situations.

  • Practicing Reverse Parking

The ability to park backwards or parallel without touching the boundary line shows good driving foresight and accuracy. Therefore, reverse parking practice is the key to success in the SIM A practical exam, because this is the part that is often tested.

  • Maintain Driving Speed

Maintaining speed according to road conditions and terrain is a sign of readiness to drive on public roads. Controlled speeds help maintain order and reduce the risk of accidents.

  • Master Car Maneuvers

Mastering car maneuvers, including zig-zag and U-turn maneuvers, indicates the ability to control the car well. Therefore, practice to ensure you don't make mistakes when facing the practice exam.

Understanding the tips above can increase your chances of passing the SIM A practical exam. Remember to stay focused on safety and compliance with traffic rules.

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