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What To Do If Your Car Gets Flooded?

12 January, 2020

Image What To Do If Your Car Gets Flooded?

Entering the rainy season, puddle and flood cannot be avoided. Not only it is troublesome for your house, but your car could also get flooded. Soaking water could break your car or cause a short circuit, leaving it to no longer function optimally. In this case, what should you do?

Don’t Start The Car

Don’t Start The Car

If your car gets flooded high enough, do not start it immediately, especially if it has been submerged for a long time. Flood water, especially if it’s muddy, has the potential to damage several components of car engines.

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Pay Attention To The Water Level

Pay Attention To The Water Level

You can check the height of the water that has submerged the car. This can be seen from the exterior when there is water imprint. Don’t try to start the car if the water level is high enough. In this case, if there is still water trapped inside, it can directly damage the engine and other valves, causing an even bigger problem. It’s better to call a towing service and bring it to a car repair shop.

Check The Engine Oil and The Gasoline 

Unplug The Battery

Clean the dipstick and check the thickness of the oil. If there is water dripping when you light the dipstick, the oil may be mixed with water. When you start the engine, the water will later be mixed with oil. If it’s possible, you should immediately change the engine oil and oil filter to clean all the remaining water. You can also clean the sticking mud all at once.

Also, suck a few ml of gasoline from the car. See if there is any water mixed with gasoline. If there is, drain all the fuel in the car and thereafter you can replace it with the new one.

Check The Air Filter

Check The Air Filter

The presence of water in the car can be checked by looking at the air filter. In modern cars, the air intake is usually lower, so water can easily enter the air filter or even the engine. If the filter is wet, it means that there is water that has been trapped in it and into the engine.

The air filter can actually be cleaned at home. But if the process is wrong, the damage can be even worse. Remember, if you don’t really understand it, you can take the car to a car repair shop so that the air filter can be cleaned or replaced if necessary.

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Check Other Liquids and The Electrical System of The Car

Check Other Liquids and The Electrical System of The Car

Many fluids in the car, such as brake fluid, coolers, and others, that are needed to be checked if your car gets flooded. Don’t forget to check the electrical system in the car. If the car’s electric system is flooded, it’s time to replace it. If you feel that you don’t understand how to do the checking, it’s always a good idea to ask for help from a mechanic.

Usually, manufacturers are also responsive to handle cars that get flooded. Wuling, for instance, is organizing a standby service after the flood that has affected Jabodetabek by offering the Wuling Flood Alert program to all its consumers whose cars get flooded. For more details concerning this program, you can find it at Wuling Siaga Banjir page.

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