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Go Front or Go Rear?

16 February, 2018

Image Go Front or Go Rear?

Wheels as the driving force of the car certainly have a big role to withstand the burden and acceleration when driving. Many car manufacturers have tested out these two types of driving systems based on their various research results in the market and what they consider most needed by the target market. The debate among car lovers is inevitable; there are many rear-wheel drive proponents, while many argue that the front-wheel drive is much more useful for their daily lives.

Since our mission is to lead Wuling Family to a better life, we will present several factors that can be taken into consideration before deciding to choose the type of wheel drive on the car of your choice. The laws of physics plays a big role here.

Driving Habits

The first thing to realize is when and where you use your car; if you used it more often in the activities of everyday home-to-office commuting and only within the city, then the car with the front-wheel drive is the right choice. Due to street contours that are mostly levelled off and are often faced with traffic congestion, then this front-wheel drive system will be very helpful and useful, because the thrust is produced from the front side, then acceleration when driving will be more quickly generated. So that your car can move much easier and the velocity of the car can be generated faster than when you hit the gas.

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The Street Physical Condition

If you are often pass through uphill tracks, then the rear-drive wheel is a more suitable option. Because when the car climbs uphill there is momentum that needs to be created so that the car is able to withstand the load on the back side before continuing to go forward. However, on flat roads and especially in wet conditions, for example after the rain, the front-wheel drive will be more useful to create traction so that the car does not slip easily.

The Gasoline Economical Factor

When it comes to discussions about gasoline consumption, Wuling Families are one of the most curious about such subject. As discussed in the previous article, that thrift fuel consumption is not solely determined by one but various factors; wheel drive system is also one of them. Rear-wheel drive will consume more fuel, because in order to move the rear wheels, a long driveshaft is required which affects the weight of the car, thus boosting fuel consumption. With traction and acceleration created by the front wheels, the consumption of gasoline will tend to be more efficient, thus making the car with the front-wheel drive becomes a more appropriate choice.

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Production Cost

The cost required to produce cars with rear-wheel drive is relatively more expensive compared to cars that use front-wheel drive, thus affecting the price of the car when it is first sold. The car with the front-wheel drive system requires fewer mechanical components compared to the rear-wheel drive system.

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